Why smiling is much more important than you think


A recent research has shown something very surprising, people, who used botox, which is an injection that helps older people get rid of wrinkles became less likely to get depressed and reported feeling less bad throughout their day! Those people also reported feeling less down when watching drama or sad movies. What’s the connection between that chemical and a person’s mood? Actually the connection doesn’t lie in the composition of the chemical but rather in the way the chemical affects facial muscles!

The connection between facial expressions and emotions

If you noticed the facial expression of one of your friends while watching a horror movie you will notice that is reflecting the facial features of the actors to some extent.

Do you know why you feel scared at horror movies?

It’s because the facial expressions of the actor who feels afraid have been transferred to you. That’s also the same reason why we feel comfortable around confident people, confident people transfer to us their relaxed state through their facial expressions and so we feel more comfortable around them. Research has proven that we can’t recall an emotion if we didn’t manage to recall a certain facial expression. Since Botox paralyzes certain facial muscles in such a way that it makes frowning harder it makes recalling sad emotions much harder!

Why a smile is extremely important

So how you can use such information to your side?

Simply by keeping a smile on your face!!

I am not saying that smiling is the ultimate solution to fixing your mood because that’s very far from logic, however, I can confidently say that the more you smile the happier you will become.

Smiling makes you more attractive

An experiment was done where men were shown non-smiling pictures of women to rate them on a scale from 1 to 10. When the same women were shown once again with a bright smile, the men gave them a higher score and thought that she is more attractive. So in addition to the mood improvements you will get if you smile often, you will also appear more attractive.

So, keep a smile on your face

This article was written by guest blogger M. Farouk Radwa, who is a full time blogger on 2knowmyself.com where he writes about motivation, the psychology of falling in love and time management, amongst many other very interesting topics and attracts more than 500,000 visitors per month, which is quite impressive.

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Smile and the world is yours

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Are you a natural smiler or do you have to work on yourself to smile more often?


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