Victimhood vs. Self-Empowerment


This article has the potential to push your boundaries a little bit. Please do not feel offended by that, but see it as a chance for a better and deeper understanding of life. I can tell you for sure, that it wasn’t me – the author of this text – who “organized” each and every event that occurred in my life. Certainly, I had an influence on some of the things that happened, but most of them were random, accidental events that I did not bring to fruition. Not to mention that I did not even want to bring most of them to fruition. But nonetheless, they did materialize in my life. Yet, there’s a golden thread that runs through my entire life. From the lessons that would occur over and over in my life, until I grasped what was taught; to synchronistic events that would occur right in the perfect situation in my life. Happenings that were painful, but crucial to my development. And with everything that happened there came valuable learning experiences and lessons, if I was willing to seek and understand them.

For some reason, I wholeheartedly believe that I could not have become the person I am today if I hadn’t had to sift through all the misery and pain. But there is one essential aspect to all of this that can either make or break the ability to discover the golden thread that runs through your life! It’s the way you perceive yourself when something negative happens to you.

Most of the time, I saw myself as the helpless victim that had no influence on what happened. This mindset made me powerless; I became the person that responded to external influences. I was occupied so much with the situation I found myself in, instead of being the one who might not like the situation but knows that it is an important learning experience that came not by accident. As I perceived myself as the victim, I focused on the “why’s” and “wherefore’s”, instead of noticing the profound lessons that were hidden beneath the surface.

So, do you perceive yourself as the victim of higher powers at work, or do you acknowledge the fact that everything that happens does happen for a reason – as an opportunity to learn and a challenge that you can grow from? Make yourself aware that you’ll never learn or grow as a person when there is no challenge. Really, the only way for progress is through challenges and problems. Having no problems and encountering no barriers means stagnation, as there is nothing to grow with. A life without difficulties would be great at times, but after a while, it becomes outrageously boring. Think of it as a game. Who in his right mind buys a boring game that comes with no difficulties and challenges? That would simply be a waste of time and money and if someone actually did buy such a game, he would definitely not return to it.


Stand in your own power

Victimhood vs. self-empowerment! It’s the difference between being a victim that is pushed from one negative incident to another, degraded to inaction. And the responsible, self-empowered individual that may not like the situation, but acknowledges the fact that it has the potential to be a very valuable lesson that did not come per accident, but helps them to grow as a person.

Empower yourself!

  1. If something negative happens to you, try to discover what potential lesson you can draw from that experience.
  2. Be patient. Some lessons are very well hidden and can only be discovered after years of reflection.
  3. Time is a great healer. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back so that your wounds can heal. During this “healing-period” you most likely won’t discover the lesson, as you haven’t come to terms with what happened.
  4. Regard problems and difficulties in your life as challenges that you can learn and grow from.

Apropos the golden thread in your life. The question who created the golden thread that runs through your life is – for your self-empowerment and at this stage of this article – only secondary. Depending on what you believe in, this could have been god, your higher-self, an A.I., the “matrix” or even the universe. But it doesn’t change the outcome, that there is a golden thread in every person’s life. The only thing that is really important is that you discover this golden thread in your life because it instantly changes your role from being a victim to a better understanding of things.

This was a rather short article for my standards. I hope you like it nonetheless.

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Steve is the founder of Planet of Success, the #1 choice when it comes to motivation, self-growth and empowerment. This world does not need followers. What it needs is people who stand in their own sovereignty. Join us in the quest to live life to the fullest!


  1. Hi Steve, I did not like this article, I loved it :). Thanks for reminding me about some things, and for the new that is your experience and insight.
    I wasn`t too happy recently about how I felt around people in some situations, and earlier today I reminded myself that I have choosen a path in my life, to challange difficulties and learn from those, instead of being asleep. And I felt some new energy arising in me, that lead me to google, and your article. Talk about a golden thread… Thanks again, I really like the way you`v put it all together. I might come back later and share another experience(s).

    • Steve Mueller on

      Hi Tomek, thank you very much for the feedback! I’m glad that the article helped you in re-remembering some things! You are using some interesting keywords, am I right with my assumption that you do know more than the “average” person out there? Nice to see someone who isn’t deeply asleep, but widely awake!

      Please, feel free to come back and share your experiences with us if you wish. If you have something that you think could be very valuable to a variety of people you can also send me your thoughts via email and I publish it as a guest article.

      PS: follow the path you’ve chosen, no matter what others say. All that matters is that you know it’s the right path! And learning from difficulties is never wrong!

  2. Hi Steve. Sorry it took me so long – I was busy with many things, but also just pushing it “for later” at times. Thank you very much for your words – yes, I sometimes feel like I`m on a path, and many people around are “avarage persons” not focused much or interested on personal growth – and it feels lonely sometimes. But I do meet people who are courious of life and themselves, more so recently, so it`s good, but it is nice to hear words of encouragement from a fellow traweller, if I may say so.

    As for your last sentence, about learning from difficulties, in my recent experience there`s a good way to learn from difficulties, to face a lot of those – it`s facing fears. Sometimes so difficult, and so rewarding :). Let me finish with a quote, I do not know who said it, but I found it on a profile of my just 20 years old (sorry – young) female friend, she said that she is constantly keeping in mind that “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”.

    • That’s a very wise quote, indeed! Thanks for sharing.
      Yes, the path can be a lonely one at times, but thanks to the internet you can find many others who are travelling in the same direction!
      And do not worry about the people not interested in personal growth. Everyone has different kinds of hobbies and interest, I guess it would be rather boring if everyone on this planet had only his personal development in mind.

  3. This article is EXACTLY what I was looking for as I prepare to teach my young adult students about empowerment vs victimhood. Thank you!

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