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At the time I was writing my article about methods to discover the purpose of life I was thinking about the state of mind that could possibly support one in discovering one’s true purpose in life, without knowing that I had already experienced such a state in my life. It is the state of mind you experience when your whole world starts to collapse caused by the death of a near relative, when you have a near-death experience or when you are confronted with your own mortality that figuratively forces you to erase all sorts of false purposes out of your mind and lets you discover your true purpose in life. I experienced such a state of mind when my whole world started to collapse from one minute to the other with a single message from my doc.

No matter how painful this moment was for me, retrospectively I’m thankful for it as it erased all sorts of false purposes and goals out of my mindset with the glance of a second. I felt empty and rested frozen on my seat with silence surrounding me when suddenly all of the false goals I wanted to accomplish during my life started to turn into meaningless objects, without any further value for me at all. But I also started to discover what really was important for me in my life: family, friends, and love, in short: social values. Nothing more and nothing less. My true purpose in life is based on the experiences I made when I was at rock bottom and the foundation of my life’s purpose does not rely on instable material objects, greed, and valuables, but of love, gratitude, inner peace and courage.

As I reached the lowest point in my life I did not feel sad at all – I never was a self-pitying person – but there was this awkward silence and the feeling of true knowledge that helped me to realize what was really important for me in life. I hope you will never have to experience such a situation in your life and provoking the occurrence of such a situation with the aim to identify one’s true purpose in life would be just ridiculous and unnecessary. However, it could be helpful for you to ask yourself the question what the true purpose in your life was if you were going to die, which could help you to eliminate false purposes with ease and enables you to experience a similar experience of the state of true knowledge and ultimate acceptance.

“What would be your true purpose in life if you were going to die?”

I hope this question can help you to discover how unimportant tangibles are when it comes to the true purpose of your life, material accomplishments will become worthless for you sooner or later. Just think about some celebrities that were working their whole life towards the aim to become popular, famous and rich and were spending every second of their life towards this purpose until they became what they wanted to become. However, once they reached their aim they do not seem any happier at all, some cannot cope with their fame, feel annoyed by paparazzi, others become addicted to drugs and medicine, spend their time living in an illusory world or are partying with fake friends. What I’m saying is that celebs and extraordinarily rich people spend their whole life to accomplish their goals only to realize that most of their riches didn’t fulfill them or made them anymore happier in life at all, which is why they start trying to find other ways of fulfillment, often in a very dangerous way.


Knowing the true purpose of your life can be like discovering gold

I hope this article helps you to realize that tangibles and valuables shouldn’t be part of your true purpose in life and that you might notice one day that every one of those material objects have become worthless for you.

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Have you already discovered your true purpose in life?


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