78 Famous Titanic Quotes [from eyewitnesses and the movie]


Do you sometimes wonder what it was like to be a passenger on the luxurious RMS Titanic? The following Titanic quotes bring back wonderful memories of James Cameron’s movie but also pay homage to the horrific marine disaster.

The luxury steamship RMS Titanic left the harbor of Southhampton in April 1912 with around 2200 passengers on board. On this fateful morning, no one knew that it would be a journey without return. Three days later, the luxury liner struck an iceberg and sank hours later, resulting in the death of more than 1500 passengers.

Icebergs loomed up and fell astern and we never slackened. It was an anxious time with the Titanic’s fateful experience very close in our minds.
Arthur H Rostron, commander of the RMS Carpathia, the ship who came to the rescue

The Titanic was part of the newly introduced “Olympic” class of ships by the shipbuilding company Harland and Wolff. With their length of almost 900 feet, this class of liners became the largest ships ever built to that date. The construction of the Titanic took more than three years and was conducted in Belfast, Ireland.

Famous Titanic quotes

These Titanic quotes pay homage to the most well-known luxury liner of all time

James Cameron’s iconic movie adaptation of the ship disaster gave the Titanic a visual testimony and a storyline viewers could deeply resonate with. Thanks to the outstanding performances of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio combined with the thrilling background story, it is no wonder that Titanic became the most successful movie of its time. While Titanic is no longer the highest grossing movie in history, it is still ranked on the third-place behind Avatar and Avengers 4.

78 Famous Titanic Quotes

Ever since its creation, the Titanic has sparked the imaginations of everyone who came into contact with the subject matter. From books and paintings to documentaries and movie adaptations, the story of the Titanic and its sinking inspired countless pieces of literature and art. To give you a better overview, we have separated the following quotes into famous Titanic quotes and Titanic movie quotes. Enjoy reading!

Here’s our list of famous Titanic quotes


SOS Titanic quote

“SOS Titanic calling. We have struck ice and require immediate assistance.”
Telegram of the RMS Titanic


Quote about Titanic disaster

“A number of us who were enjoyed the crisp air were promenading about the deck. Captain Smith was on the bridge when the first cry from the lookout came that there was an iceberg ahead. It may have been 30 feet high when I saw it. It was possibly 200 yards away and dead ahead. Captain Smith shouted some orders… A number of us promenaders rushed to the bow of the ship. When we saw he could not fail to hit it, we rushed to the stern. Then came a crash, and the passengers were panic-stricken.”
George Brayton


Seizing the moment

“Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.”
Erma Bombeck


Titan quote about the Titanic

“If you look in your dictionary you will find: Titans – a race of people vainly striving to overcome the forces of nature. Could anything be more unfortunate than such a name, anything more significant?”
Arthur Rostron


Titanic quote

“I heard a graphic account of how the Titanic up-ended herself and remained poised like some colossal nightmare of a fish, her tail high in the air, her nose deep in the water, until she dived finally from human sight.”
Arthur Rostron


The events of the Titanic disaster quote

“The events of the Titanic disaster can be seen as a symbol of what happens through overconfidence in technology, complacence, and a mindset of profits over people’s safety.”
Deborah Hopkinson


“As I was put into the boat, he cried to me, ‘It’s all right, little girl. You go. I will stay.’ As our boat shoved off he threw me a kiss, and that was the last I saw of him.”
Mrs. Daniel Warner Marvin


“The partly filled lifeboat standing by about 100 yards away never came back. Why on Earth they never came back is a mystery. How could any human being fail to heed those cries.”
Jack B Thayer


“Although you cross the Atlantic for years and have ice reported and never see it, at other times it’s not reported and you do see it.”
Charles Lightoller


“From the very day that she was designed she was almost doomed… [the iron rivets were]the Achilles heel of the Titanic.”
Paul Louden-Brown


“The big icebergs that drift into warmer water melt much more rapidly under water than on the surface, and sometimes a sharp, low reef extending two or three hundred feet beneath the sea is formed. If a vessel should run on one of these reefs half her bottom might be torn away.”
Captain Edward John Smith


“I was thoroughly familiar with pretty well every type of ship afloat but it took me 14 days before I could, with confidence, find my way from one part of that ship to another.”
Charles Lightoller


“Not until the last five minutes did the awful realization come that the end was at hand. The lights became dim and went out, but we could see. Slowly, ever so slowly, the surface of the water seemed to come towards us.”
Robert W. Daniel


“Except for the boats beside the ship and the icebergs, the sea was strangely empty. Hardly a bit of wreckage floated ― just a deck chair or two, a few life belts, a good deal of cork.”
Arthur Rostron


“Striking the water was like a thousand knives being driven into one’s body. The temperature was 28 degrees, four degrees below freezing.”
Charles Lightoller


“Deeply regret advise you Titanic sank this morning after collision with iceberg, resulting in serious loss of life. Full particulars later.”
Bruce Ismay


“The sounds of people drowning are something that I can not describe to you, and neither can anyone else. Its the most dreadful sound and there is a terrible silence that follows it.”
Eva Hart


“I saw the first lifeboat lowered. Thirteen people were on board, eleven men and two women.”
Harry Senior


“The ship was absolutely still, and except for the gentle, almost unnoticeable, tilt downwards, there were no visible signs of the approaching disaster.”
Lawrence Beesley


“I was told to go up and see how things were and made my way up a dummy funnel to the bridge deck. By that time all the boats had left the ship, yet everyone in the engine-room was at his post. I was near the captain and heard him say, ‘Well boys, it’s every man for himself now.’”
Alfred White


“To my poor fellow-sufferers: My heart overflows with grief for you all and is laden with sorrow that you are weighed down with this terrible burden that has been thrust upon us. May God be with us and comfort us all.”
Eleanor Smith


“Are we never to educate ourselves to foresee such dangers and to prevent them before they happen? All the evidence of history shows that laws unknown and unsuspected are being discovered day by day: as this knowledge accumulates for the use of man, is it not certain that the ability to see and destroy beforehand the threat of danger will be one of the privileges the whole world will utilize?”
Lawrence Beesley


“I swam around for about half an hour, and was swimming on my back when the Titanic went down. I tried to get aboard a boat, but some chap hit me over the head with an oar. There were too many in her. I got around to the other side of the boat and climbed in.”
Harry Senior


“Anything of any sort can be deemed ‘unsinkable’—unbendable, unbreakable, even—’til the day so comes when it sinks, breaks, and bends. Titanic is no different.”
Giselle Beaumont


“It’s not a question of actually finding a bone. There are human remains in one form or another around that wreck, as well as all sorts of shattered lives directly associated with it.”
Dan Conlin


“Titanic started a voyage through history when it sailed away. One century later, there is still no port at sight.”
Marina Tavares Dias


“I think the inquiry is a complete whitewash. You have the Board of Trade in effect enquiring into a disaster that’s largely of its own making.”
Paul Louden-Brown


“We did not begin to understand the situation till we were perhaps a mile or more away from the Titanic. The sinking was so slow that you could not perceive the lights of the deck changing their position.”
Mrs. D. H. Bishop


“Then, all of a sudden, there was a great black hull, stretching farther than my eye could see.”
Ellen Emerson White


“After sinking with the ship, it appeared to me as if I was propelled by some great force through the water. This might have been occasioned by explosions under the water, and I remembered fearful stories of people being boiled to death. Again and again, I prayed for deliverance, although I felt sure that the end had come.”
Archibald Gracie


“Devoutly thankful I was that the long race was over… but with that feeling was the veritable ache which the now certain knowledge of the liner’s loss brought.”
Arthur Rostron


“It hardly bears thinking about that if there had been sufficient boats that night…every soul aboard could have been saved, since it was two-and-a-half hours after she struck that she tilted her massive stern into the heavens and sank by the head, taking with her all that were unprovided for.”
Arthur Rostron


“Sometimes, though, you make a pact with yourself. I’ll pretend there’s nothing wrong if you pretend there’s nothing wrong. It’s called denial, and it’s one of the strongest pacts in the world. Just ask all those people who were still drinking champagne while the Titanic went down.”
Neal Shusterman


“Suddenly the ship seemed to shoot up out of the water and stand there perpendicularly. It seemed to us that it stood upright in the water for four full minutes. Then it began to slide gently downwards. Its speed increased as it went down head first, so that the stern shot down with a rush.”
Mrs. D. H. Bishop


“They must have known that pumping could do no more than delay the final catastrophe, yet they stuck pluckily to their duty.”
Sir Archibald Denny


“When the Titanic struck the iceberg, I was in bed. However, for whatever reason, I was awake and remember the jolt and cessation of motion. A steward knocked on the stateroom door and directed us to get dressed, put on life preservers and go to the boat deck, which we did.”
Marshall Drew


“Until the moment she actually sinks, the Titanic is unsinkable.”
Julia Hughes


“But in all my experience, I have never been in any accident… of any sort worth speaking about. I have seen but one vessel in distress in all my years at sea. I never saw a wreck and never have been wrecked nor was I ever in any predicament that threatened to end in disaster of any sort.”
E. J. Smith, Captain of the RMS Titanic


“It was a symposium of horror and heroism, the like of which has not been known in the civilized world since man established his dominion over the sea.”
From the book “The Sinking of the Titanic”


“I can never understand why God would have spared a poor Finnish girl when all those rich people drowned.”
Anna Turja Lundi


“When our boat had rowed about half a mile from the vessel the spectacle was quite fairylike, The Titanic, which was fully illuminated, was stationary, like some fantastic piece of stage scenery. The night was clear and the sea smooth, but it was intensely cold. Presently the gigantic ship began to sink by the bows, and then those who had remained on board realized the horror of their situation.”
Paul Chevre


“In a couple of hours, though, she began to go down more rapidly. Then the fearful sight began. The people in the ship were just beginning to realize how great their danger was. When the forward part of the ship dropped suddenly at a faster rate, so that the upward slope became marked, there was a sudden rush of passengers on all the decks towards the stern.”
Mrs. D. H. Bishop

Titanic movie quotes


“I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“Rose, you’re no picnic, all right? You’re a spoiled little brat, even, but under that, you’re the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl, woman that I’ve ever known…”
Jack Dawson


“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“I’m the king of the world!”
Jack Dawson


“Promise me you’ll survive. That you won’t give up, no matter what happens. No matter how hopeless.”
Jack Dawson


“Staring up at the sky, Look. It’s so beautiful. So vast and endless. They’re so small. My crowd, they think they’re giants. They’re not even dust in God’s eyes.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“No, let me try and get this out. You’re ama—I’m not an idiot, I know how the world works. I’ve got ten bucks in my pocket, I have no-nothing to offer you and I know that. I understand. But I’m too involved now. You jump, I jump remember? I can’t turn away without knowing you’ll be all right… That’s all that I want.”
Jack Dawson


“Well, there’s been a mistake. You’re not one of them. You got mailed to the wrong address.”
Jack Dawson


“She’s made of iron, sir! I assure you, she can sink. And she will. It is a mathematical certainty.”
Thomas Andrews


“It was the ship of dreams to everyone else. To me, it was a slave ship, taking me back to America in chains. Outwardly, I was everything a well brought up girl should be. Inside, I was screaming.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“Jack, I’m flying!”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“Jack: “Where to, Miss?”
Rose: “To the stars.”
Titanic movie quote


“My dream has always been to run away and become an artist, Living in a garrett poor but free!”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“I mean, I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people.”
Jack Dawson


“God himself could not sink this ship.”


“I don’t know about you, but I intend to write a strongly worded letter to the White Star Line about all of this.”
Jack Dawson


“They’ve got you trapped, Rose. And you’re gonna die if you don’t break free. Maybe not right away because you’re strong but… sooner or later that fire that I love about you, Rose… that fire’s gonna burn out…”
Jack Dawson


“Fifteen-hundred people went into the sea, when Titanic sank from under us. There were twenty boats floating nearby and only one came back. One. Six were saved from the water, myself included. Six out of fifteen-hundred. Afterward, the seven hundred people in the boats had nothing to do but wait… wait to die… wait to live… wait for an absolution that would never come.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“Remember, they love money so pretend like you own a gold mine and you’re in the club.”
Molly Brown


“That’s one of the good things about Paris: lots of girls willing to take their clothes off.”
Jack Dawson


“Now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson, and that he saved me in every way that a person can be saved. I don’t even have a picture of him. He exists now only in my memory.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“What I was thinking was, what could’ve happened to this girl to make her think she had no way out?”
Jack Dawson


“I’d rather be his whore than your wife.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“Everybody called it the ship of dreams, and it was. It really was.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


„Your money can’t save you anymore than it can save me.”
First Officer Murdoch


“Rose: “You’re crazy!”
Jack: “That’s what everybody says, but with all due respect Miss, I’m not the one hanging off the back of a ship here.”
Titanic movie quote


“Gimme your hand. Now close your eyes, go on. Now step up. Now hold on to the railing. Keep your eyes closed, don’t peek. Step up on the railing. Hold on, hold on. Keep your eyes closed. Do you trust me?”
Jack Dawson


“All right, the moment of truth. Somebody’s life is about to change. Fabrizio?”
Jack Dawson


“You have a gift Jack, you do. You see people.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“This is absurd. I don’t know you and you don’t know me and we are not having this conversation at all. You are rude and uncouth, and presumptuous, and I am leaving now. Jack… Mister Dawson, it’s been a pleasure. I’ve sought you out to thank you, and now I have thanked you.”
Rose DeWitt Bukater


“I’m sorry, you’re not gonna see your mom again for a long time, ’cause we’re going to America, full house boys! Woo-hoo!”
Jack Dawson


“You gonna cut her meat for her too there, Cal?”
Molly Brown


“Water that cold, like right down there it hits you like a thousand knives stabbing you all over your body. You can’t breathe. You can’t think. At least, not about anything but the pain. Which is why I’m not looking forward to jumping in there after you. Like I said, I don’t have a choice. I guess I’m kinda hoping you’ll come back over the railing, an’ get me off the hook here.”
Jack Dawson


“Listen, Rose. You’re gonna get out of here, you’re gonna go on and you’re gonna make lots of babies, and you’re gonna watch them grow. You’re gonna die an old… an old lady warm in her bed, not here, not this night. Not like this, do you understand me?”
Jack Dawson


“I’m flying, Jack! I’m flying, Jack!”
Rose DeWitt Bukater

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