The Teacher Within You


Why is it that the various gurus out there, from self-proclaimed masters of life to spiritual teachers, never seem to miss a chance to lecture their followers about various complex and mind-boggling philosophies. 

It seems that not every guru is interested in sharing true knowledge his followers (obviously). 

Joining another person on its path, listening to his ideas, knowledge, and wisdom is really not the problem here. The problem lies much more in the (deliberate) creation of a dependency of the student from his teacher. A manipulative “master” makes the follower dependent on his or her knowledge, fully knowing that the student will therefore never have the slightest chance to surpass the teacher. Obviously, this happens more often than not for material gains of the “teacher”, but money is not always the key factor.

The teacher within

Make yourself not dependent on false teachers that come with the flowery words and the most sophisticated concepts about everything that is and will be. I have seen “teachers” on YouTube spinning the most complex concepts around, leaving their students baffled.


Tap the wisdom of the teacher within

PS: You also do not need me. Don’t take my words for gospel, if what I write resonates with you then be inspired by it! Above all, trust in God.

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  1. All my life long I was looking for direction outside of myself. Thanks for making me realize that I should listen within instead. I think this was a superb article.

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