The Basics of Astral Projection


[Please note: I no longer practice Astral Projection. It no longer feels right to me because it heavily depleted my energy levels. I do not recommend Astral Projection. I no longer support the views expressed in this article. Do not practice astral projection. It opens up doors that I do not wish to open. The following is left for informational purposes.]

Astral projection (or astral travel) is a interpretation of out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of traveling outside it. Astral projection or travel denotes the astral body leaving the physical body to travel in the astral plane. Wikipedia – astral projection

Frequently asked questions about astral projection:

A) Is an astral projection dangerous? Can you die from it?
B) Are there demons to be found in the astral?
C) Is astral projecting or OBE-ing real or just “in your head?”
D) Are there protective measurements to protect oneself in the astral world?
E) What exactly is the astral plane?
F) What is the difference between astral projection and an out-of-body-experience?
G) Who lives in the astral planes?
H) What are the side effects of astral traveling?
I) What does an astral projection feel like?
J) What’s the difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming?

A) Is an astral projection dangerous? Can you die from it?

Yes, it is dangerous and opens you up to demonic influences. One can possibly be harmed, get possessed, or die while projecting. 

Conclusion: You may invite unwanted and negative influences into your life.

B) Are there demons and jinns in the astral?


The solution: Faith in Christ. It’s as simple as that and the most powerful weapon that you have against the evil comming from the astral realms. [There may be a much stronger force than just love itself which is believing in Yeshua.] Don’t practice AP, simple as that. 

C) Is an astral projection or OBE real or just in your head?

Conclusion: So, is astral projection a “real thing?” I know that it is dangerous and opens you up to demonic activity.

D) Are there protective measurements for one’s safety?

If you don’t practice astral projection, you don’t need any protective measurements. It’s as simple as that. When you’re not involved in dangerous activities, you may not even be putting yourself in a situation that would require such protection.

E) What exactly is the astral plane?

The short answer: I don’t know for sure.

F) What’s the difference between astral projection and an out-of-body-experience?

Actually, I believe that there is no significant difference.

G) Who “lives” in the astral planes?

Probably demons and other negative entities.

H) What are the side-effects of astral projection?

Projecting is quite dangerous as it will invite negative influences into your life.

I) What does astral projection feel like?

Well it shares characteristics of a possession.

What is the difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection?

A lucid dream is – just as the name implies – possibly just a dream in which you have become aware that you are dreaming. 

I hope you enjoyed the first article about “The Basics of Astral Projection” of my astral traveling series so far. In the second part, I will extensively elucidate an effective astral projection method that works best for me, and give you an important hint, that might prove even more valuable than any astral projection technique. Click here for the second part of the astral traveling series.

This article about The Basics of Astral Projection is the first part of my astral projection series. You can find links to the following parts here:

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  1. Whoa, theres so much knowledge in this article . . I read ALL of it and it felt as if I was downloading it all right into my brain! Fantastic !!! Thanks

      • Monica Teixeira on

        I loved your article.
        Sorry about my English, I’m Portuguese.
        what you said fits completely in what I think about astral projections. However, I only had few experiences, all involunteer but, as you said, with very laud noises in my head and high vibrations I even can’t explain exactly.

        I have a feeling that I’m in the beginning of something.
        For you, these kind of experiences have some relation with mediuniship. This may lead to develop mediunhips skills
        best regards

        • Thanks a lot for the feedback. And don’t worry about your English, I understood everything you said and that is what it is all about.

      • Hello Annabelle.

        Thank you for this interesting read. I was brought to this site to try and discover what happened to me some 30 years ago.

        When I was about 23, I was unwell and home from work. My brother was there too, but I suddenly felt tired and went to lie on my bed. As I lie there I could see the window in my mirror It was daytime but turned dark, my favourite music played and I sat up out of my body and floated to the corner of the ceiling looking back at my still body. I felt at ease, but oddly decided to return to my body because my ‘room was untidy’ It took me three attempts to wake my own body.

        I assumed I had had a death experience and related it to my brother, but I realise now it was just my Astral journey.

        When I was very young (I can remember back to almost immediately after my birth and also something that appeared to me to be a previous existence. Always the same images – just a few snapshots of a woman’s life) I used to assume the fetus position and make myself drift off into what I describe as a womb. There was a loud sound like hearing blood flowing through a stethoscope and my vision, in Black and White was something that looked like jostling rice shaped virus under a microscope. I woudl always jolt myself out of if after about 30 seconds out of fear.

        When I was too young to walk I recall seeing events around me exactly as the person I am now, but without the communication skills or the baggage of existence. I can relate events to my mother today, exactly as they happened to her surprise.

        I suspect I had a heightened or developed sense of such things when I was young. Sadly, these things do not happen to me today.

        Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.

        • Hello Mark, thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. You seem to be naturally inclined towards “this kind of stuff.” One can only speculate why this is so, but I am convinced that in certain Indian traditions one would argue that you might have practiced spiritual techniques in previous lives or that you are already a pretty advanced soul. Whatever is the case, all that matters is the present moment. As you have stated that you no longer have these kind of experiences, it may be quite helpful for you to start meditating. Doing so may help you to bring balance to your life and to Quicken your development.

    • For over 4 years,some people unleash their spirits to permanently follow,abuse,manipulate my mind,emotions,mental process,rape,slowly murder and torment me.Is anyone aware of what can be done to remedy the situation?
      The worst thing is that they consider me soup or meat whatever…

      haplisting1 (at)

  2. this answered more questions than I hoped it woudl . what can i say thank you so much . nd thanks for not fear mongering !

  3. This article was absolutely fantastic!! I have sort of been slipping into conscientiousness during dreams and astral projections all my life but have just recently in the past year been learning to control it more and more. I have also had many experiences with sleep paralysis too, which I have found to have a lot do with astral traveling. It used to really scare me but got more to where it was just more annoying after I got used to it. Anyhow, I first started getting really good at controlling my dreams, well a lot better at least. I have always been a “flyer” but I used to have and still do sometimes have trouble flying exactly straight (gets better each time). Recently I have gotten very interested in astral projection when I realized there was a difference. The craziest thing is I just recently had my first OBE because I wanted to. I went to my dream state in the attempt to but at first got sidetracked in a dream…but then I realized I was dreaming…which I have gotten really good at doing so, In my dream, returned to my bed and literally told my self that this was the perfect time. And almost exactly what you described in your article happened to me, which I found rather Amazing when I read it today. At first there was like a loud buzzing sound in my head and kind of all around me, and kind of like a glow or spark of light all around. It kind of felt electric, it was like I could physically feel my self pulling away and then just like you said I just kind of popped out. And there was a sense of weightlessness like I was floating. I immediately was able to will myself to the kitchen and then into the other room and looked around. It was my room mates room. I took note of all my surroundings because I wanted to find out if it was really happening. Then I sort of felt like I sensed something but before I even really got to think about It something immediately pulled me back into my body. The cool thing was I went into my room mates room and looked around and everything was exactly as I had seen it. I could had no idea what to expect because I hadn’t been in there in some time, but everything was placed just like it was while I was travelling. Position of random object, covers and so forth.
    Anyways, I hope to get much better at it and to be able to travel much further in times to come. Your article was very informative to me and I believe it will be a big help for future journeys. I also intend to learn much more about it through more research and attempts.

    • Hey Chris, sleep paralysis can be really frightening, when you don’t know what’s going on, right?! Glad to hear that you are getting used to it; once one gets to know that it’s just a “protective mechanism” of the body, it’s by far less scary, isn’t it?

      Also, I’m very pleased to see you confirming my description of what it feels like to astral project with your own experiences! That’s really interesting, after all I found it quite difficult to put these experiences into words, always having in mind that other people might experience a completely different situation.

      As a side note, I would like to congratulate you for having found a way to prove to yourself that your OBE was real (and within the “real-time-zone”), simply by stopping by your room mates room and confirming what you saw in the later on. No matter what part of yours was in his room, it’s for sure that some part was!

      If you’re still wondering what you have sensed, at least if you have felt the presence of something, it could have been your higher-self that accompanies you on all of your journeys. Sometimes, it will pull you to designated events that are very important for your progress, but it will also pull you back into your body when something frightens you, etc.

      I wish you very well on your journeys and always listen to your heart, it will guide you.

  4. Hi, I’ve travelled involuntarily all my life but recently have been perfecting methods of voluntarily inducing astral travel. The experience has literally changed my life! I have started a facebook group called Astral Travellers for people who wish to share knowledge, techniques and experiences. I am used to meditation and work as a psychic artist but the astral travel experience is so physical, its unlike anything else. I’m convinced that, with a bit of practice, everyone can do it. I’m also a trained hypnotherapist and I’m developing a sequence to get people to the boundary where the separation of the astral body from the physical occurs. I have found, like many others, that the trick is to learn to ‘hang’ in the area between sleep and wakefulness. Its very easy to get sidetracked in dreams or to wake up! I think hypnosis is the ideal tool to make this an easier process and to encourage separation. Once I have completed the sequence, I would be very grateful to any learning travellers who would like to help me road test it… it will be completely safe. Please get in touch with me via the facebook page or email Great website, brilliant information, I’ve posted a link on my facebook group for people. Well done!

    • Hey Naomi, thanks for the support and for posting a link of this site to your Facebook group! Using hypnosis sounds really like an interesting idea for people who struggle with astral projection. From my personal point of view, the people who have difficulties with inducing an astral projection only need this one sense of achievement – one self-induced conscious astral projection – to know how it all works and more important: what works best for them. If they could achieve this “sense of achievement” through your sequence, that would be fantastic!

      I would be really interested to learn more about this, but the thing that would interest me the most is, have you been able to induce an astral projection with your own sequence on a regular basis and if so, were others able to do so as well, especially people who never managed to have an astral projection? The reason I ask all these questions is that if the sequence benefited others as well, it would be a very unique thing!

      Personally, I’ve implemented binaural beats when I was trying to have an astral projection in the early stages, but later I felt that I did not need them anymore as they had become just a distraction once I knew how it worked, what worked for me and the whole process that is involved with travelling the astral.

      • Hi, at the moment I’m just using the sequence myself and managing to induce astral travel each time to varying degrees. I’m optimising out all the phrases and components within the sequence to suit my own experience and I’m very keen to see if it will also work with a large test group of people. I have used a binaural beat sequence on the track, but it is not invasive as I too have experiemented with them and some of the tracks available out there are very distracting. I too believe that once someone has experience their first separation and been able to witness their own body still lying down for the first time – that is such an enormous achievement and incredible feeling that it sort of ‘triggers’ the ability and it gets easier and easier. Theoretically, once someone knows beyond doubt that this is a real experience, their expectation is to experience it again… like hypnotherapy what seems to be important is Intention, Expectation and Relaxation. The wakeful dreamstate that occurs before separation is entirely similar to deep trance used for hypnotic therapy… When I have finished the sequence, I shall email you a copy. I have a feeling that as an experienced traveller, you may find it a distraction and its probably more suited to someone who does not know what to expect and how to achieve the projection. Great to talk to you and happy travels…

        • Naomi, thanks for the heads up! I really hope your sequence will benefit especially newcomers in triggering their ability to induce an astral journey! Happy travels to you too!

    • Hi Naomi, i have tried adding you on Facebook, i would love to chat to you about all your knowledge 🙂
      love and light

  5. Does sleeping paralysis lead to astral projection , caz i have sleeping paralyse all the time and now i want to try to astral project

    • Well, sleep paralysis does not directly lead to an astral projection, but it’s the perfect state to manage to get out of body, as you’re not able to move your physical body during SP.

      There are different ways to start an astral journey, while having sleep paralysis, but the most common would be to simply try to lift your astral fingers slowly, until you can lift your whole arm and then the rest of your body. Due to the fact that sleep paralysis is a protective mechanism of your body to prevent you from actually exerting what you dream, it’s the perfect condition to move your astral body instead.

  6. Hi what a fantastic find this was clears everything up i needed to know i thank you for your time and effort to wright this THANK YOU .

  7. Very good.. I have become a fan of your site.
    I Just wanted to know i have been getting this sudden spike in negative thoughts from no where… What am i suffering from? is it any mental condition?

    • Hi Niranjan, I don’t think it’s a mental condition. Many people try to avoid any kind of negativity in their lives. It is, however, not possible to avoid all of it. So let’s face it: everyone of us has a negative thought every once in a while. Personally, I like to go for a walk in nature or ride my bike, go running, write an article, take some pictures or do anything else that energizes me and helps me to forget a negative thought or feeling. Listen to some of your favorite music while you are doing your favorite leisure-time activity and you will see that the negativity will fade away.

      If that doesn’t help, try if a shielding meditation works for you.

  8. How can i stop a astral traveller to come in our house? Can some one please help with a answer it is urgent please. Maybe a sign that you can draw or something to block this person please?

  9. Is astral projection is easy for a normal person as after reading this even I am really eager to try the experience and is it like Ull be successful in first attempt or u hav to try till you won’t gt the results how I’ll come to know that I am successful in astral projection

    • It is not easy at all, and you will have to work for months to achieve your first results. Unless you are naturally gifted. But you will know once you achieve one.

  10. Hey Steve, I have been attempting astral projection for months.. however, a month ago, I manage to open my eyes in the astral and see clearly out of both (keep in mind I have nearsightedness in my right eye .-.) although I couldn’t move at all, the experience motivated me to try more and more. a few weeks ago, I had a dream that led me to astral project next to a bowling alley for a few seconds. still, I was gaining progress, and now last night, I had an amazing projection that payed off! basically, after awhile (at 3:00 am) of staying still and relaxing my thoughts/ body, I seen an image in the back of my eyes of someone skydiving, so being me, I tried to ‘skydive out of my body’ (lol) and…. all of a sudden, within 2 seconds, I felt my astral body stand up, my eyes were still closed, but since I felt my astral self standing up, I decided to open my eyes to see if it worked. sure enough it did! 😀 I looked around my room, and I seen a lady playing a harp and another being looking mindlessly around (it didn’t look humanoid as it didn’t have a body, but a face) I went outside only to look up at the sky… oh my.. it was unlike anything ive seen before! there so many start moving about, rotating at the earth’s axis.. I wanted to fly… BUT, I stopped hearing this loud low frequency*ish* sound and… I was jumped back to my body,


    some interesting thing that sortof surprised me , was that I didn’t have sleep paralysis, but had vibrations…. the noise that was filling my ears the whole time didn’t sound like a high pitched noise, but was a low pitched noise that slowly pulsated in volume… also, everything had a blue tint in addition to its regular color… so if you can, contact me at my email please or reply, so.. Thank You 🙂

  11. Hi there, i enjoyed reading your blog.
    I have a few questions, i recently what i believe is a an astral projection.
    Now i suffer from sleep paralysis and have been since my mum died if not earlier but only started remembering them since then.
    So you obviously know the fear and sensations that come along with SP,
    anyways i was always so scared in these episodes that id do what ever it took to wake myself up, some times when i woke up id fall back into the SP.
    Id only get as far in my SP experience when the pulling sensation started happening, it literally feels like a force pulling me from my feet, or a detaching feeling if u will.
    but on saturday night on the 28th of feb i relaxed my self while going through this SP episode , i felt like i was still semi dreaming but alls i remember is being elevated into the air, i felt so much vibration and immense warmth of pleasure, almost orgasmic feeling, i tried to touch my self to see what was going on, i was aware of everything around me, my room looked the same, nothing was the same was like how it is when i am in SP except i was paralyzed i was floating above my body, i wasnt scared at this point. I remember being so light and looking down at my body and i was thinking normally like i do now, i even had the same voice.
    As i looked down at my bed i though to myself wow this is really cool, but how the heck am i up here and how do i get back into my body to wake up.
    so i decided to dive towards my body and i felt the sensation of falling off a building then ended in a jolt of me waking up.
    1 do u think this is astral projection or OBE?
    2. do u think my SP / higher self has been trying to tell me this from some time, as i always feel that dragging feeling but force my self awake before anything like this happened?
    3. If i am an astral traveller how can i refine this skill and how come i can ony seem to bring it on by SP episodes?
    4. I have been known to have the ability of clarecognizance and get sort of premonitions in a way in either thoughts or dream, could this OBE or astral projection thing be all linked? maybe like on the path to being some form of psychic?
    If you could please give me some advise as i am told by a Native indian shaman guy that he belives i have a gift, but i dont understand this, i feel like im crazy and i always doubt myself, i have no idea where to start, i want more validation then this and i dont know how to retrieve it????

    If u could help me that would be amazing! 🙂

    Love and light.
    Mel xx<3

    • Hi Melissa,

      Most people are afraid of sleep paralysis, which is quite understandable. But in the end, is just a protective mechanism of the body that prevents you from acting out your dreams. Imagine the terrible consequences what would happen if you dream of running through the desert, and once you wake up you realize that you have run down across the street. So the paralysis, as much as it can be frightening, should just be ignored. Even better, you can count yourself very lucky that you experience the paralysis that easy, because it is just as you have noticed an initial stage of an out of body experience or astral projection. It is that last boundary that one has to overcome before being awarded with an exceptional experience. And as such a last boundary, it happens to scare people so that they panic and try to quit the experience, just as it was in your case. Again, this is a protective mechanism as well. If people cannot handle this, then by all means they might not be ready for the things that await them in the experiences that follow a sleep paralysis.

      I’m glad that you have already noticed what happens once you relaxed during a sleep paralysis and just allow it to happen.

      Regarding your questions:

      1. Answer can be found here.
      2. I wouldn’t interpret too much into this. It was simply a task for you so that you would one day be able to overcome your fears or learn to relax and let it happen. Whoever created this task for you can be left for your interpretation. On the other hand, I also believe that you simply are not ready before, which is why there was a subconscious blockage that you have now removed in some way.
      3. By constant practice, a lot of willpower and high motivation. Sleep paralysis does not directly induce out of body experiences, but it is quite frankly the best stage to get out of your body. The other techniques are much more complicated.
      4. Yes I believe everything is linked with each other. An important step would be to get yourself a lot of information about the subject, especially from books. This will help you to clarify questions and categorize everything into a system. And no you are not crazy 🙂 have some faith in yourself.

  12. Where do I begin.. Last night I was practicing with astral travel techniques.. Just relaxing my body and trying to move out my hands and my feet.. ( I think ) I fell asleep but woke up 3 or 4 Times each time I woke .. Seconds later I hear a knock or bang either from the ceiling directly above or my daughter’s bedroom to my left.. I fell asleep again ( I think) and remember getting to a house with the number 49 on a brown door I didn’t enter the house I think I was coming back either from a dream or an astral travel I do not know.. Anyway what woke me this time was the sound of white noise ( like a radio station not fully tuned in) a sort of cracking u know what I mean it stated in the bathroom the white noise got closer and closer louder n louder till it was in my head it hurt physically until there was aloud bang in my head it suddenly stopped but I woke with headache I had it the rest of the night… After calming my nerves and settling back to sleep came sleep paralysis.. I could not move could not physically shout I was terrified something was there.. It was pixaly the best way to describe… I was screaming at it ( sorry to swear just telling what happen ) who are you.. What do u want!! I was terrified.. I woke it happend again 2 3 Times it was quick it was frightening can anyone give me advice I am very new to this sort of thing I’ve bin listening to my conscienceness lately.. Reading books I never would psychic thoughts my life has changed so much in the past 5 month it sometimes frightens me Im a single mum of 3 girls I am 24 I am scared

    • Hi, as a general rule of thumb: if you are afraid, if you have fear you are not ready for it. I believe this is some sort of a self-protective mechanism. There is a stage where your mind will play all kinds of tricks on you. You hear a knocking on your door, somebody screams your name, or you feel a frightening presence in your room. Nothing of this is real. But it is a test if you are ready for what is to follow. And if you respond with fear you’re not ready for it.

      Learn to control your anxieties and your fears. I believe a main issue is that you are confronted with something that is unknown to you. It could help to build up a lot of important knowledge about this other place of reality. Read books. Be curious. Gain as much information as you can.

      And then, once you feel really ready and equipped with the necessary knowledge about what you can expect, then you can continue with your practice.

  13. Thank you so much for your reply. I have suffered with sleep paralysis all my life my earliest memory was at about 6 I saw a little boy on the end of my bed I had an episode where I felt the vibrations and humming noise Ifelt a nasty presence.. Trying to hold me down and then a voice telling this presence to leave Me alone a male’s voice.. I didn’t know what was happening I told my perants and they had the house blessed. It stated to calm as I had them nearly every night until it turned into just once in awhile .. A few months ago I dreamt I was awake and someone opened the front door and started walking up the stairs my fear was to much I must of awakened myself as I have 3 young girls.. 3 5 and 1 ..I have bin sent message through my susubconscious since I found I was o negative rhesus neg. It led me to David ickes books.. Where everything.. Made ssense.. The.. Puzzle began to click and i feel i know who i am and im here to help the world but I need to speak with my guide and speak with Angels or maybe visit my planet and I think that’s what’s trying to happen but my fear won’t let me… I am so confused frightened.. At the sometime I need to speak with my guide.. It’s all to much specialty when in this reality I’m just a Mum on my own. Sorry for the rant just looking for help

    • No problem, everybody needs to let off a little bit of steam every once in a while.

      Isn’t it awkward that so many people desperately try to have a spiritual experience, or even manage to reach the state of sleep paralysis. While others who have these experiences are sometimes troubled by them very much.

      In one of my articles about astral projection I wrote that sleep paralysis can be frightening, but also that it is the precursor to a projection. Once you’re in that paralysis stage it is a lot easier to manage to leave the body.

      Personally, I only experience sleep paralysis when I sleep on the back. Do you often sleep on the back? What is the position that you are in when the sleep paralysis starts to kick in? This might be a approach to avoid in the future. Maybe you can manage to avoid this sleeping position, for instance by sleeping on the site. That is if you want to stop it from happening.

      You write about all kinds of very ambitious goals that you have in this area. Maybe you’re putting yourself under a little bit too much pressure. I don’t know. But what I do know is that your children are your top priority. They need a mother that is grounded.

      When doing spiritual work it is very easy to take off, to loose your feet from the ground and to be high up in the sky. If you choose to engage in this path is really important that you find something that grounds you. That puts your feet back on the ground.

  14. Please allow me to differ with you on the question whether astral traveling is dangerous or not. My personal experience says it CAN be dangerous. Probably in certain circumstances. If the “protecting ports have been opened”- for example after having used drugs – you may be pulled into the lower astral planes. When that happens you will be hit by tremendous fear as soon as the door to the astral plane is opened. You will see hell, so to say.
    Some years ago during a nightly OBE I met a small black creature with red eyes. When I “saw” this creature it send me a kind of message. It said it was not happy that I “saw” him and said something like “wait I”ll get you!”. Two weeks later I got sick and couldn’t work for one month.

  15. Hi,
    Can you please help me with my queries? I have been trying astral projection for about 2 weeks. Its kind of a confusing thing right now. Sometimes when I try to relax,I hear a high frequency tone. What is that? Then sometimes I feel heavy when relaxed.Sometime like I vibrate at high frequency that I start sweating. but other times nothing happens. I tried ejecting my body several times but never succeed.And sometimes when relaxed,I feel like having fits,sudden jerks in hands,head,toes and tummy too.Please guide me.

    • Steve Mueller on


      First of all, it takes a load of practice. Two weeks is great for the beginning, but it might take months of patients and practice before you can have the first experiences.

      The sensations you describe are all great. Yes they might fear all clot at the beginning, but most of them are clear indicators that you are making excellent progress in your journey.

      The heaviness you feel is probably related to the sleep paralysis that occurs once the body falls asleep.

      The energetic sensations you describe are very likely certain energy rising through your body.

      Now about your ejecting problem. As a beginner, I also tried to force myself out of the body. Then I realized that this is a more natural process. Yes many instruct different techniques to leave the body. However, my first experience also entirely natural. I did nothing at all to leave the body. It was all going on as a natural process. I simply had to create the right circumstances, established the right relaxation and things went on all by themselves.

  16. Thank you for the article!

    Recently I got very interested into AP/OBE. Tried few time, but didn’t have success, I got lost somewhere in the middle.

    First few times all ended with a pressure on my chest and a feeling that I stopped breathing. Then I am disturbed about the feeling that I lack air and it starts feeling like I am sitting up but then – I am back to normal with fast heartbeat and aware if I am breathing, trying to breath deep, very deep, like twice more air than usually but slowly, not like catching the air.

    Last night it was strange. All night it felt like I am falling asleep and the same moment I start seeing dream or images of light in front of my closed eyes, I woke up. So those views were like flashes only. And after i woke up, I feel little noise (but not strong), little tingling which is change by small vibrations and a wave of warmth (not sure which was first) and then I feel my body is very light, really light, I literally felt like I am above my own body (or half in the body, half above), I even felt how I am floating up and i felt like that light body is bigger. Well, not exactly bigger, but like it might change the form. But… thats it. I was there, few cm above the body all very light, but I was still there, in my room, hearing my husband breathing, my daughter sneezing in the other room, fully aware of what is going on in real and questioning myself why do I feel light but conscious, not seeing anything (only dark because of closed eyes). I tried to lift my hand, but it felt like it is stuck and then I realised I tensed my physical hand, when I relaxed it, I became light again. I got an idea to roll from my body, but then followed another idea, that I am not AP/OBE because I hear everything as it is. Really, if not that feeling of lightness, I was only there, in awake in my bed just with closed eyes. And all this situation happened maybe 3 or 4 times at a night.
    What was it? Am I getting closer to AP/OBE or was it just a trick of my subconsciousness?

    Thank you.

    • The best way to find an answer to your question is to try to have this experience again and again. After a while you will get used to it and you will be able to evaluate your situation much better.

      I believe what you experienced was some sort of a “twilight” state, in between your body and your light body. You give some indications for this. However, you give also many indicators showing me that it could actually have been an OBE as well. It is really difficult to tell without having experienced it. What is very common however is that your environment does not change at all when you are outside the body. Very important was when you wrote that you could not move your light body, but when you tried your physical arm moved. At the beginning, it is really difficult to move the light body, because we are used to move muscles. But in this situation there are no muscles to move, which means you will have to learn to move it by your willpower alone.

      So based on everything you wrote I would conclude for myself that was an OBE but not an astral projection (which is more intense and comes with some major sensations of your senses).

      • Hi Steve. First off thank you very much for such an amazing article and answering so many questions. I am very new to this area of OBE and find it fascinating! I have been reading a lot of things on the web, and your explanations have been by far one of the more helpful, descriptive and easy to understand. I think I am at the lucid dreaming phase but can’t quite tell. I try to have an OBE but can’t tell if I’m imagining it or not. I look into my living room and see things but they aren’t always always nor in the same place. I look back and a cup moves here, there, and sometimes disappears. I am looking for a full blown OBE experience on the lowest astral plane (the one you said is nearly identical to reality). Can you tell me if I’m astral projecting or lucid dreaming? And if so how can I get to the lowest astral plane? My personal goal is to make sure this stuff exists and it’s not “all in my head.” I I have tried moving cups, small items in the living room before trying for an OBE, but it’s still blurry sometimes, dark in certain areas, and the cup or items sometimes are not in the right position. Please help me. I am desperately looking for a genuine legitimate OBE experience where I move about my room or house without having to worry that I’m making all this up. Hopefully if you can help me, I may try talking to someone on the astral plane. As of yet that is only a “wishful dream” since I can’t tell if I’m lucid dreaming or astral projecting. Thank you for your time and please help me if you can!

        • In general, you can definitely tell when you have a lucid dream or an astral projection. These experiences have nothing to do with the imagination. It is as if you were really there. A telltale sign of a lucid dream is that your awareness is somehow split – one aspect of your consciousness is fully immersed inside the dream reality while in the back of your head, you can clearly feel your body resting in bed. At the same time, and astral projection is energetically so intense that you can definitely tell the difference.

  17. Wow! My mind is blown right now. I’ve been having OBEs since the age of 12. I’m 34 now. In every instance, I always go to a place that’s almost identical to my immediate environment (wherever that is at the time) I’ve wondered why I can’t get to the astral planes. All this time I’ve been going there and didn’t know it lol. I had no idea that there is a lower astral plane that looks just like the physical world! Is it a bad sign I can only go there? Fascinating article btw!

    • Steve Mueller on

      Thanks a lot!

      Regarding your question, I don’t think it’s a problem that you are only on the lower planes. In fact, I believe it is not that easy to ascend especially to the highest planes. This of course has to do with vibrations and density. In order to reach a higher level the vibration needs to be changed. Which is not that easy.

      So just try to enjoy your experience and try to familiarize yourself with moving in this empty space. If you can move you can then work on traveling by thought. This should help you in getting to higher levels. Maybe it helps you to intensively researched the difference characteristics of each plane so that you can identify them once you are there.

  18. I have been having frequent episodes when almost asleep at night I feel the bed vibrating, but am not really sure if it is me or the bed, or both. It may be a month or days between episodes. Since starting to read about and practice Shamanism and journeying for the past year, I have become more aware of the vibrations and they stop when I become alert and focus on figuring out what is vibrating me or the bed. It lasts for seconds or minutes and I am not afraid or concerned, but rather calm. Since this is not geological, or a maladie, and assuming I am ready for the next step, what should I do when this happens again. Last night was the last occurrence and lasted only seconds, and with less vibration and duration each time. Thanks!

    • Steve Mueller on

      The first step that is really necessary is to try to figure out whether the vibrations are coming from the inside or the outside. This is essential for the next steps. As you write that these vibrations only start once you are very close to falling a sleep I assume that these vibrations are of course internal.

      It is very good that you are not afraid about these vibrations. This is already a very good sign. What you can do next is that instead of trying to figure out how to stop these vibrations to just let them happen. See where these vibrations bring you. It seems to me that you are at the moment somehow blocking these vibrations as soon as you try to figure out what is going on. So just try to allow it to happen and to stay in a calm relaxed state.

      Try to work on your concentration but also on your relaxation. For me personally, when such awkward things start to happen I often times loose my relaxation. I start thinking and lose my previously gained state of concentration.

  19. Hallo Steve,
    I’ve been researcing the “physical”symptoms of what it feels like an OBE the first time and your description is the one that really is very close to what i experienced last night.
    I will try to describe mine and put it into words as much as i can so you and others can see if you can relate to it.

    I’ve been conciously trying to have an Astral projection,or at least get close to it in the last coupple of days,although i tried a bit in the past and never went past the “sleep paralysis” state(talking about more than 20 years ago as i’ve always been interested in these kind of things,reading books,meditating ecc as a teenager.I’m now 43).
    Also i need to add that in the past i’ve had experiences with psylocibe mushrooms,though again many many years ago.

    Over the last couple of days i’ve been meditating again,and listened to binaural 432hz sounds quite a lot,so i think my brain was somehow already wired to the frequency you need to be to have that kind of experience.

    Last night i found myself in a deep relaxed state and specifically told myself that i was going to leave my body.In a firm statement and really meaning it.
    What followed was a feeling that i was concious the entire night but profoundly relaxed and aware of all the sounds and visuals i was hearing and seeing in my head(mixed loud chatter,sometimes understandeble,sometimes not,complex fractals,mostly black and white,with occasional flashes of colour,some clear images of people ecc,and i did feel a definite sensation like a “pop”inside my head.
    After a while there was only the buzzing sound getting louder and louder and vibrating,i would describe this very similar if not same as when you’re standing between two powerful speakers and the volume is at max,but with no music, and an overwhelming feeling that my”body” or “me” is energized.Then i suddenly feel “pulled out”of my body,this doesn’t feel light at all as some people describe it,on the contrary,it feels like as if i’m “magnetized apart”from my body,as if some force is pulling me and i have a definite feeling that i’m standing out of my torso,super concious the whole time and terrified at whats happening,then as soon as i realize that i can actually”see”and try to turn my torso to look at my body,fear kicks in and i’m immidiately sucked back into my body quite violently(and i know that i wasn’t standing with my physical body because the bed does not move at all).
    I stand relaxed,fully awake,contemplating my experience for a while,determined to remember every single feeling,then i call upon i don’t know what to protect me for the rest of the night and i fall back asleep.
    I don’t know if it’s just the fear and stupid conditioning,but the feeling that there is some non identified presence near you is very real.I even felt my bed sheet “pulled”at some stage,which does not help getting past the fear.

    Anyway,this morning i feel very energized,though my head feels plesantly light(if anyone has ever taken the cortisone Bentelan,thats what i feel like)i went out in the garden and my sight is sharpened,and i feel very good and happy and in love with the world,and i have a feeling that this is due to my pineal gland waking up,pumping hormons,and also the tremendous amout of energy i received from the experience.

    I’m going to try this again tonight,i want and need to go past the fear stage.
    I would love to hear your comments please,and some help,although i find your blog already very helpful.

    Thank you,


    • Ciao Carla, come stai?

      First of all, thank you very much for your insightful comment. I’m convinced many others can benefit from what you have put to words in your comment.
      I find it great that you have picked up meditation again. That’s always a good thing to do. Binaural beats can help one tremendously with reaching a mental state that many can only reach after years of meditation. I haven’t thought of listening to these speeds in a 432hz setting, but I think that’s a great idea.
      Regarding your experience: I must say I have never experienced the feeling you describe (being conscious the whole night, but profoundly relaxed without sleeping). However, if this was just a phase that I think this must’ve been a stage before a projection occurs. It often comes along with the sensation of sleep paralysis. Many people report hearing voices or awkward sounds. So if this was the stage I congratulate you on not being afraid about it. Curiosity is always the best kind of feelings with these kinds of sensations.

      One thing you mentioned that I found really interesting is that you specifically told yourself that you will have an out of body experience this night. I just find this very important. Maybe these kind of suggestions can help one in this area. That is really interesting, thanks for mentioning it.
      Then you wrote how you feel that you are suddenly pulled out of your body. It was the same or at least very similar sensation for me. That is also the reason why I have become a big fan of trying to allow astral projections to occur naturally, as it seems to me that it is a natural process. One cannot drag oneself out of the body so to speak. When I’m dragged out of the body it feels quite heavy for me as well. But I never really considered this heaviness. It always felt as if there was some kind of gravity pulling the other body back into the real body. Just as if it had a lot of weight. But it could also be that the heaviness results out of the deep connection between the two bodies.

      What you can do next is that you can work on overcoming your fear. You have already reached a stage where you have mastered quite a lot of fears that prevent others from experiencing anything outside the body. But naturally, as it is a new sensation and feeling there is certainly a fear involved in this new experience.

      Regarding the presence you feel, I would just recommend to ignore it. But if you wish you can also read up on different protections that can help you in this other world. But again, you can always get to another place simply by thinking of it.

      Before I forget, the fear can be lowered by reading up and informing yourself about this new world that you have discovered. It also has helped me to reduce my fears.

      I hope this helps you so far, but feel free to ask any further questions.

  20. Ciao Steve,

    Bene grazie!(i’m Italian from Sardegna : ) )

    I too believe now that OBE is an entirely natural event,helped by meditation,relaxation,health,self Love,determination…

    It’s about faceing ourselves and our fears and an extremely empowering and life changing experience.

    I’d like to add a link from youtube of the great speach given by author and OBE veteran William Buhlman from the Monroe Institute,that i found extremely helpful.

    Thank you,


    • Italy is my favorite country… I spent nearly every holiday in Italy during my childhood and early adolescence.

      Thanks for the link I will definitely check it out.

  21. hey,

    Thank you for the amazing article. I always reach the vibration phase and i feel that i’m about to go out but negative or scary ideas run to my head.
    i know that negative entities couldn’t hurt me but the idea of seeing one scares me. how should i approach this?

    • Your fear is a protection. You will not be able to achieve your goal until you have learned to overcome your fears. It is as simple as that. If you are afraid, then you’re not yet ready. There are of course many ways to learn to control your fear and reduce it. One way is to really familiarize yourself the subject and to read everything you can about it. Through understanding what you’re dealing with you can reduce a great amount of fear. Also, you might feel more comfortable when you learn certain protective techniques and methods.

  22. I have been trying astral projection for a long long time. It really feels great to be in the astral world with the creatures that are alien to you.

  23. Hello Steve,
    This is what all calling you on comments :)…thanks for your words on astral projection and obe. i got some of my answers …
    My story is I went through lots of pain and depression from my teenage and early youth, I committed suicide 12 years back but i survived, pain was there till i read about karma, reincarnation and meditation, etc.. i became veg and start meditating for some time at least 4-5 years without knowing anything about obe or astral projection and without any expectation… then i went for a vipassa 10 days meditation and i was accepted for a master degree in art history after 8 years of my bachelor course and all years that i was sick…

    So around 4-5 years ago i started to have this strange scary experiences of waking up within my dreams and waking in different layers, terrified and trying to wake myself up! i was freaked out…and then i started to shout out of my body…i felt huge sensation or i can say electricity between my 2 hands while lying down and then a huge force to push me upward… like the sensation you can feel if you sit on a roller coaster but only upward , sometimes also slowly i separated first my hands then full body and floated over my bed or flying in the room,.. sometimes specially at first it was scary but then sometimes i had amazing beautiful experience with sense of freedom…. i nearly wrote than around 50 lucid dreams and obe of mine in a period of 2-3 years…then from more than a year ago it stopped..maybe coz i stopped regular meditation….
    Tonight i searched coz i was thinking why many times i feared some presences to harm me and i got some answers on your page…so many times even recently i feel an entity sticking to me or biting me or trying to rape me… i went through lots of emotional ups and downs in last year and failed in somethings…so if you saying astral plane is our imagination maybe i am imagining all these scary things too…or do i really get attacked by some lower entities?…. sometimes i feel maybe coz i went lower than before…but it was happening before too…or maybe coz i am lower consciousness…
    Somehow i feel lost recently… i really dont fit in society much…i am a loner…i know and fully experienced that we are not only body i saw many things in my astral travels…but now i cant find what is the point of my living…
    Can you pour some light on me….i don’t have anyone to share these with around me…

    Sorry that i talked alot…
    many thanks …lots of love

    • Hey, the most important thing is to relax and take things easy. It’s never good to overthink matters especially when it comes to projection areas. You write that you would experience lucid dreams after which you feel the sensation of being pulled out of your body. As a matter of fact, lucid dreams are described by many experts as excellent opportunities to initiate an astral projection. As you have already correctly guessed, one reason why you are no longer experiencing these things could be that you stopped meditation. Also, the body has many inbuilt protection mechanisms that will prevent you from experiencing an astral projection when you’re not ready for it. This means that whenever you are not able to overcome your fears, will not be able to have a projection. Many of the symptoms you describe can be attributed to a very common sensation which is called sleep paralysis. It is also a natural protection mechanism that prevents the body from acting out extremes while you sleep. It can come with a really scary sensations, many hear voices, others feel a presence in the room.

      As a general rule of thumb I would recommend that you first try to work on your fears before you try to project. If you are entering these realms with a fearful attitude is very likely that you will be drawn to an area that is very low in vibration and fearful in nature.

      You write that you cannot find point of life. You don’t know what the purposes of life. There’s only one purpose: you are here to learn, to grow and to develop. You are here for very special reason. Nothing happens without a reason. This means that your existence is based on a very important reason that only you can know. Often times finding this reason this very difficult. But I say, try to be grateful for the life you have been given. It is absolutely no problem to be a loner or to feel as if one does not fit into society. In fact, I would say that I wouldn’t want to fit into many societies as they are not pretty good role models and do not live with integrity and honesty.

      If you really want to find the purpose of life I would recommend you to have a look at the book called Bhagavad-Gita. It’s one of the oldest books I’m aware of. And it’s even more powerful in helping you to find a reason and purpose of your life. Look for a translation by Jack Hawley.

      Feel free to get back at me. You’re not alone. There will always be people that help you. As you can see I might have been in a similar situation to you, but found the purpose in life by helping other people in any way shape or form.

      • Dear steve,

        Many thanks for your reply and encouraging… 🙂
        Yes i think that night i was kind of depressed…recently happens sometimes ….

        I was in India for 10 months, i was study in a Hindu yoga school for yoga therapy near Bangalore… it was a master degree for 2 years, but in the middle of second semester i gave up because it was do tough for me to live in hostel and took all the stress they put on people…. so we were chanting Gita every morning there and also in first semester we studied Gita by one of our professors, i also found it so beautiful… this is one of the book i brought back with myself and want to read fully…we read some parts for our course, i also had its translation 12 years ago when i went to India….
        After i had a break down in my life 12 years back i searched alot and read alot and i was always looking for the meaning of life… mundane life wasn’t interesting for me so i also lost opportunity to have a normal life…
        Then one book of osho called ” only one sky” saved me and helped me to understand many things and to accept what ever happened in my life… i was doing Tai chi also for many years …but then i came out of that group and joined yoga teacher training course in Tehran and along with my university which i accepted after many years again i got certificate on yoga too and started teaching here so few friends privately… i heard from some people that i have changed their life and my energy is positive…so i decided to go to India for a residential course on yoga for deeper understanding …but that university push student too much and i was getting sick…so i came back…i also went through a relationship wish like most of the times the guy was lower and dragged me down so much….
        About astral projection yes i had many of them in 2-3 years…some was only flying over my bed in the room or in the yard…some was i encounter some presence which sacred me to death! some was i went somewhere else i met my guru on that time which he did a astral surgery on me , i even felt the pain in my chest after i woke up…i also once went to a place like a cave which was full of people who was dead but they didn’t know and wandering there or floating or was under water till their neck…then i saw few woman and men came took me and try to nail my forehead ….i also flew over jungles or in clouds, …i also was forced to intimate relation…it happened in many of lucid dreams or astral projection…so i even was scared to sleep… so once i told myself tonight if that thing come i will face him and ask what he wants from me…he came he stick to my back try to….i turned my self so i could see him,…i couldn’t see the head but he had a necklace with back cubes around his neck….i asked him what he wants from me…he replied : it is a shame for a dead man who die without having a child!! i said oh god but you are dead how can i give you a child!! then he walk out of my bedroom door!!!!
        I also saw 4-5 of my last lives..i check with some gurus they told me i saw my past lives…in those projection i knew it was me but when i look my body i saw another body…i saw i was male native Indian in old time , i was a king’s wife in very old eastern castle , i was an Indian lady and wife of a swami , i was a tree for thousands years and i heard a voice who was telling me we create you a tree for thousands years so you learn patience!!! haha…if i tell these to normal people they will take me to asylum!!
        i met Eckhart Tolle, i met Osho, i met Yogananda parahmsana…..yoganada tried to help me sit for meditation while i had pain in my back so he put his back to my back…osho was showing a hole to me and with so much excitement was telling me : jump! jump! , Echkart Tolle was performing one reverse asana like head standing and showing me how to keep my balance!!

        They also helped me alot with their books and talks so i found peace and i started helping others…that’s why i went to study yoga therapy….

        The problem is i only wish one thing from my teenage years to become independent, i did alot…you cant imagine , i had lots of issues with my mom because she was very controlling like the society i live in and i am so different like many others …i tried to leave many many times…but i wasn’t successful to get a job and i became sick for few years ..and my mom also maybe unconsciously tried to keep me this way close …so i failed many times…now i am back again… i don’t have a job i have to live with my parents which even now they r angels who support me alot but honestly it is killing me every day and every moment that i failed to reach to only thing i wished for…to be on my own …so now even i accept this…what can i do…but after all i went through i felt abit down recently i felt tired…i felt like what should i do now?! if i finished the course i may could find a job but now…

        I am sorry it became very personal but i feel i was connected to you that night coz i felt so helpless…
        I know the purpose of life is only growing and become more conscious…to surrender to the present moment…but the thing is i am still dependent to my parents and i feel trapped even i waited many years…i explained all i don’t know it was necessary or not…it is very difficult to explain myself and all these years i lived on earth…so that night i was feeling i wish i finish my task here sooner and leave 🙂 that’s why i was feeling lost and that i lost my life purpose and hope…

        That guru i knew who helped me for 2 years told me to write about my life and it will help many people…i asked him but why?1 i made many mistakes in my life! because i wanted to experience myself… i never followed any organized religion….and i was a rebel !!
        Again i talked too much…
        if you think it is not appropriate to be publish please don’ is ok with me…
        I tried to be honest whole my life maybe that’s why i became an odd person 🙂
        I think i ll need some more time to recover from last year …
        Thanks for your kindness
        most love

        • You mentioned to have met many gurus throughout your life. But maybe it’s the time for you to stand in your own sovereignty without looking up to others for help. I don’t know where this was written, but someone once said that the only point of having a guru is that you transcend them sooner or later.

          With regards to the problems of finding a job, I think that’s a struggle we all seem to go through. But seeing that you have a lot of experience in yoga you might be able to find a job in this field. Yoga instructor or something like this. If that’s not possible in your country maybe somewhere else.

      • P.S. I also wanted to add i am too grateful for my life..i always think even i went trough lots of suffering it was a blessing to push me to higher level of understanding…i always think life was and is too kind to me… I felt so much blessing from my childhood till now…
        just i can not found out why i am stock in one place for more than 20 years in the sense of my independence and living…
        I can explain it in this way i had lots of contacts and fights with my mom for years …sometimes i think i was torched by her psychologically for many years… i tried hard to change the pattern..and i became successful.. she stopped being so criticizing and controlling specially after i got seriously sick 12 years back… now they are so supporting and don’t interfere my life much… i have a small suit downstairs but still dependent on them financially and still living near to them is not easy for me…
        sometimes it feel like if u was a prisoner for years and afraid by the them and now you are free and everything is alright between you and people who kept you captive, but you have to live with them everyday till end of your life! this is how i feel …
        and this is what i can not get the lesson i have to…i can not get what is the point…why i failed many times to gain my freedom and personal life?!

        • You could also start looking for a regular job. I’m sure you’ll find something somewhere. If such a job helps you to gain independence and break free from something that troubles and hurts you, why not?

  24. Dear Steve,

    I also wanted to ask you please if possible deleted my texts and comments…I guess they are too personal… and too long …
    I really appreciate for your time …. and kindness…

    Your blog is interesting I already read some of the articles…it helped me 🙂
    I wrote here because I didn’t have any other way of communication like email or FB….

    Thanks for your replies once means alot to me…
    All the best

    Ps. please delete all including this one too if possible…. gratitude

    • I will delete your comments if you wish. But seeing that other peoples might be in a similar situation, these comments could help others who struggle with the same problems. If you wish, I can edit your name and every personal info so that no one will be able to identify you. But if you really sure that you want these comments to be deleted, I will of course do so.

  25. As a youth I had several experiences that were explained away as “anxiety dreams” but the experience was so clear and exhilarating that I have to disagree. A friend who does psychic work called it “remote channeling” but it seems to be more in line with an astral projection.

    I would wake up suddenly with a jolt and feel projected out into the universe among the stars and sky, just floating about. The sensation as so clear and perfect and I had no desire to move. At once I became aware of what I described as “everything all at once”. Every sensation was pulsing through my being. Good and bad. Hot and cold. Hard and soft. This was how I described it as a child. I didn’t want to move a muscle because I didn’t want the sensation to go away…and I became aware at that moment that all the knowledge of the universe was available to me. When the sensation had dissipated, I would lull into a soft sleep. This had happened to me several times as a child of about 10 or 11. However, though the years, while fully awake, I would get this fleeting moment of recognition of the same sensation. However, if I tried to hold onto it, the sensation would fade..

    As I got into meditation as an adult, I would be able to achieve this level of understanding and feeling on several occasions.

    I should mention that I had a particularly memorable astral experience in my 30s where I became aware of where I was (out in the universe, which is apparently my favorite place to be) and suddenly felt myself being sucked up back into my body. (laughing here) It sounded like a a drain sucking up water. It was really weird.

    This all sounds nuts.. but there it is.

  26. Hello Steve,
    While reading your article I thought of something.
    The astral world is apparently a world of projections, of imagination.
    So what if “the astral projection believers” conceive as well their own vision of the astral world. Creating different layers unconsciously exacly as the christians you described who look at souls in hell from above. I am just suggesting that the layers might be a conception as well.
    What are your thoughts on that?

    Look foreward to read your answer,

    • Hi Eric, this is an interesting idea. It is definitely possible that this is the case. The human mind is powerful beyond belief, in my opinion. So it could be possible that it creates all these different layers. At the same time, this wouldn’t explain how to people can share the same experience or can communicate in this other world. It also wouldn’t explain how travelers can observe events going on in the real world. But again, everything is possible so I don’t want to rule out anything.

  27. I get different feedback about the silver cord being broken and your physical body dies or if you are not careful demons can possessive you. Some say Yes some say No. I was reading rick richards and he says be very careful and demons can possess you.

  28. I had been a very strong skeptic of such things, though open to the vague possibility that pseudo-realities form from altered brain chemistry since my mother swore she had an OBE as a result of serious allergic reaction to aspirin. However, last year, my last year of my 30’s, I had a good slap in the face that changed everything forever. Now I am perfectly good at lucid dreaming, have been for as long as I can remember, but this all made sense to me. What upended everything was after ‘waking’ from another successful night of flying, I was instantly confronted by a head and body numbing, incredibly loud droning ‘buzzing’. I thought at first it must be some kind of earthquake, but began to realise it was me, not the house. I must admit, this terrified me as I thought I was having a heart attack. More or less in blind panic I literally rolled over and fell out of bed. The buzzing stopped instantly. It was dark. I could feel the floor, but not anything specific. I started to laugh, simply as I had fallen out of bed and not hurt myself! So I stood up. It was still pitch black. I couldn’t see anything. This was odd as even on the darkest nights the distant street lights provide enough to ‘see’. After a few seconds I realised the problem. “Eyes are shut” I thought to myself. Better open them. It took a lot of effort. For a few seconds more the room was ‘out of focus’. Everything snapped into focus suddenly and that is when I realised what was happening. I was looking at myself, still lying there. My heart surged with a great feeling of happiness and freedom. Although I now realise how poor this event was, it changed everything for me, even my long held fear of death. (I don’t mean dying, more the thought of simply ‘not existing’ forever, filled me with deep terror). I must point out that my first experience was nothing, NOTHING like I would have imagined. I suppose it was due to the ‘exit method’, but the ‘view’ (if you could call it that) was mundanely similer to ‘normal’. I had a brief anxiety moment, “Perhaps I’m dead?”, but this quelled quickly, since if I was it was far from being ‘nothing’. Happy in my new form I simply turned round and headed for the door. Closed! I tried in vain to open it with the handle. It took a while to realise I was approaching this all wrong. If this was what I thought it was, the door shouldn’t be needing opening! I slowly pushed through, face first. I was out. I spent a long time doing nothing but delighting myself in observing the ‘everyday’ things from this new form. I know, sounds very dull and scientific! The point was, this was clearly not a lucid dream. It ‘felt’ very real, although outside, still nightime, the world shimmered in a silver edging. Just the same, dark, but trees, leaves, houses, cars all looked as if they had been traced round with a very fine, delicate silver thread, shimmering as if it might contain diamonds. I wasn’t cold. I spent a long time just walking, although rising over houses, looking in gardens from above was effortless and seemed much simpler than in lucid dreaming. It was crystal clear, no confusion or visual ‘dream noise’ as I call it.
    Although I haven’t gone down the path of persistently trying to do this consciously, I find now that the more it happens, the more I want to learn.
    I now know that this isn’t a myth. It is real. It has calmed my mind towards my own final days and changed so much of what I thought I knew for certain.

    • Thanks a lot for your very insightful comment. I think it is quite helpful to maintain a healthy skepticism. At the same time, one should see if there is a way to get firsthand experiences that lead one further to the truth just as in your case.

  29. Toddster / Ohio St Univ on

    Hi can u please tell if someone who is a earth 3D virgin , if they ended up in the astral realm , would they have way more options to explore as far being able to find a girl ? and would she feel solid as a form and not just like a wispy of vapor ?? in a higher realm of vibration can a person conjur up a girl by means of a thought form entity of some sort ?

    thanks much

    • In my opinion, creating such a thought form may take more willpower and effort than finding a real girl. Regarding your second question about feeling and touch, it is much more different. It somehow not physical but I haven’t touched another person out there so I’m just speculating.

  30. Hi there I’ve just started trying this and i was wondering is it possible to influence stuff on the physical plane? I mean by that can i move stuff around and such? I think i can move stuff around but that’s coming from someone who can only leave his body for about 5 seconds before zapping back in. And please dont get any weird ideas that people would do if it is possible.

    Also is there anything i can do there other than make dreams real/explore/etc. ?

    Another question is can i get my friends to leave there bodies and travel with me? (of course I’m going to make sure that they are OK with it)

    But aside from that thank you this website has given me a lot of help on what i need to do because all I’ve been able to do is barely get out of my body than i just pop back in without even thinking. hopefully now i will be able to get out and actually wander a bit.


    • It’s great to hear about your positive experiences Douglas. In my opinion, it’s not possible to influence things in the physical world because the astral body in itself is not physical. However, this is just my opinion. I also think that in later stages, you may be able to encourage others to get out of their bodies. This, however, may take quite a lot of practice and could also greatly depend on the person you’re working with.