Techniques for Anger Management


The following techniques for anger management will allow you to know how to deal with anger and to keep yourself away from getting angry in your life.

There are several different words that describe the state of being angry, such as vexation, annoyance, outrage, ill temper, displeasure and many more, but all of them result in an unnecessary feeling of pure rage.

Anger management definition:

The term anger management refers to different exercises, methods and techniques for anger management that are being applied with the intention to reduce and control the emotional state of anger and to start overcoming anger.

What are the different types of anger?

We can distinguish between aggressive anger and anger that is only being shown passively.

  • Aggressive anger is not only obvious for the person that is experiencing it, but also the people that are around. Aggressive anger appears in the form of a tantrum, hurtfulness and/or threats.
  • Passive anger appears in the form of secretive behavior, dispassion and/or evasiveness. In general it can be said that passive anger is beneath its cover, sometimes people don´t even realize their anger, or might deny it, when being faced with it.

What are the main causes of anger?

It is important to note that anger and ill temper is a typical defense response that can have many different main causes:

  • Fear: The fear of being hurt or the fear of possible loss can cause a defensive measure (anger) that allows us to protect us from being hurt.
  • Attempts to regain control: A person that gets weakened by being bullied or rejected will start to feel itself helpless, which results in an attempt to regain some degree of control by becoming angry to boost itself.
  • Bruised ego: A person that is being offended or told to have done something totally wrong will protect its pride with behaving angry.

Techniques for anger management:

What are effective ways to deal with anger?

Discover the source and the reason that has caused you to become angry.

The willingness to deal with anger is not enough to eliminate anger. If you really want to start overcoming anger and to know how to manage anger you need to understand the root cause of your angriness. Once you discovered the reason for your exasperation it is much easier for you to start coping with anger.

Eliminate root causes of angriness

Take steps and try to deal with the causes of your anger. This will only be possible if you are willing to confront yourself with the reasons for your angriness.


Don’t allow anger to make your head turn red

Control your anger

Tame your temper when you feel yourself reaching the peak of your angriness. Try to control the anger and leave important decisions until you have calmed down. Make a habit of taking important decisions only when you are relaxed and not influenced by any kind of feelings.

Keep yourself calm

Especially when you suffer from anger problems and need anger management help you should try to avoid contentious debates, as they mostly will cause you to feel even angrier. Furthermore, you should try to avoid other aggressive people or people with opinions that you dislike.

Take a second and reflect your anger

Take a couple of deep breaths and try to step outside yourself and reflect your anger as unbiased and emotionless as possible. Is your reaction really reasonable? Think about the negative consequences of not being able to cope with your anger. What would you think of a person that would react similar to you?

Anger management quotes / controlling anger quotes:

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” ~ Buddha

People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing.” ~ Will Rogers

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” ~ Ambrose Bierce

I hope you enjoyed the above named anger management quotes. The willingness to apply techniques for anger management is the first and utmost important step to start dealing with anger and keeping oneself away from unnecessary angriness.

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