Nothing is Predetermined


… as you can change everything! There are some characteristics in our life we cannot change nor influence by any means, such as our genetics, the size of our body, the fact that you are a woman or man or even your natural hair color. Furthermore, you weren’t given the chance to choose your parents and your relatives, not even your beloved cousin or your disliked aunt. But at this point of the article, we have to draw a definite line. From this point onwards there is no pre-made plan of Mother Nature that determines who you have to be or what kind of a person you will become in ten years. You are not tied to a transcendental scheme; YOU have the complete control over – but also the responsibility for – your life. You can reach every accomplishable goal you intend to achieve, as well as you can change every element of your life you dislike. You are the one that can decide entirely for yourself about your life and you will also be the only one that can make reasonable decisions about your own future.

Problems start to arise when you accept disliked attributes of your life and your personality as predetermined and unchangeable. The biggest mistake would be not to even attempt to change anything about this.

Stagnation is regression

Every one of us got some problems to deal with, say for example an employee that is a little bit out-of-shape due to the fact that he is working a lot in his office and has not a lot of spare time to spend on sportive activities. The employee is very unhappy about this, but takes his problem for predetermined and unchangeable. He could accept his overweight as a given fact of Nature and make himself believe that his overweight is caused due to his genes, as every member of his family is a little bit out-of-shape, etc. Finally, one thing would lead to another and nothing will ever change in his situation, until he takes action and actively tries to change something in his life. The life of the employee will not change until the moment he accepts the fact, that his overweight is not predetermined and starts to change his nutritional behavior, replaces his soft drinks with water, joins a gym class and does a lot of other measures that he considers to be helpful in changing his current situation.

The simple belief in not being able to change things to our favor is influencing our lives and the resulting behavior negatively. Humans don’t take expenditure unless they are firmly convinced that their effort will result in success. It is very important for us to note that every human being is a lazy person in its basics that does not want to leave the comfort zone or change the predominant habits. We fear changes because it’s easier for us to accept unloved characteristics in our lives than to take action and risk a possible failure.

Never accept things as predetermined and unchangeable.

Seeing things as predetermined and not changeable is a mental shackle that you impose on yourself and that influences every aspect of your life. At least take action and try to change things you dislike in your life. If you don’t fail it’s a huge victory for you and your future life. If you fail you can always step up and fight again.

Photo by Kheoh Yee Wei

Do you think that nothing is predetermined or do you believe that everything unfolds to a very specific plan.


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  1. We mold our won destiny. What we do now has a direct effect on what our future is going to be. We can’t change the future because we are not there yet and we make our own future.

    We won’t be successful if we just slack off everyday.

  2. How true it has solved the very problem that I had been going through and accepting every problem as predetermined…

  3. I think predetermined is no matter what you do in life changes you make it was predetermined that you would have done everything you set out to do anyways

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