Motivation Methods: The Secret to Peak Motivation


In the following I will present you some really amazing motivation methods and self motivation techniques that will help you to motivate yourself and peak motivation!

The knowledge on how to motivate yourself effectively can be a very valuable possession, as it enables us to start every day energized and highly motivated. Nevertheless, it can be often very difficult to find motivational aspects without knowing effective motivation methods and self motivation techniques. A Person that lacks in motivation often feels exhausted or distracted and is not able to reach especially his ambitious objectives and aims! It can be a really big obstacle when not knowing how to motivate yourself effectively as motivation is the main energy that keeps us pursuing our goals persistently.

Definition of motivation:

What is motivation in general? Motivation is the activation of goal-oriented behavior that arouses an individual to take action towards a desired objective. We can differentiate between intrinsic (inner) motivation and extrinsic (outer) motivation. Motivation methods can be applied to increase and strengthen our goal-oriented behavior!

Take advantage of motivational highs!

In situations when your motivation has peaked you will notice that your commitment for a specific task has increased drastically and your productiveness reaches levels you would never have dreamed of! It is the enthusiasm and the pure confidence you can achieve all your goals which enables you to peak motivation! You will wake up in the morning, feeling intensely motivated and this feeling will accompany you the whole day.

How to achieve peak motivation?

Peaked motivation is the deepest source of ongoing motivation we can experience. Now, would it even be possible to peak our incentive on a daily basis to reach a sustained state of motivation? There are two possible ways that will allow you to raise your motivation to an advanced level. Both of them have commitment in common, which is a fundamental pole of incentive!

  • Achieve peak motivation by commitment to yourself! Self-commitment means focusing on yourself, your needs and your desires with the intention to advance your life! Focusing on your own needs and desires, such as earning a lot of money, driving a sports-car can motivate yourself drastically! Negative side-effects of this stubborn approach of motivation are greed and lust.
  • Achieve peak motivation by commitment to others! Showing commitment to others means that you gain motivation by being able to help others and making a contribution. The ability to help others and the desire to make a positive difference in the world can energize you and peak your motivation! Negative side-effects of this unselfish-approach is that you could get exploited and neglect your own needs.

The ultimate secret to peak motivation:

While both of these above named approaches can allow you to increase your motivation to a high level they also have the already outlined negative-side effects. In the following I will explain you the ultimate secret that allows you to achieve peak motivation and motivate yourself effectively:

  • Peak motivation by combining both: commitment to yourself and the commitment to others! The combination of both of these fundamental poles of motivation will allow you to decrease the negative-side effects and raise your motivation to an intergalactic level. It is absolutely okay to focus on your own needs, if you are able to do this in a non-greedy manner where you also can be committed to others and make a positive difference in the world! In fact: a combination of these both will peak your motivation and allow you to reduce negative effects that you could face by focusing on only yourself or others!

Effective motivation methods:

Desire! Desire can be a very motivational factor and an effective motivation method that makes us “do whatever it takes” until we fulfilled our desire! There are situations where your desire can help you to do even the most disliked tasks. It is important to note that you can become motivated to do an unpopular task by creating some sort of desire to the outcome of this task. Let’s say you don’t really like to create the tax declaration. You could now create a desire such as: “After I have finished the tax declaration I will reward myself with a mountain bike trip or relaxing bath!” As an alternative, you can also read motivational quotes. These statements will surely inspire you to accomplish great things in your life.

Commitment! Having a true interest and being committed in what you do is another very helpful and effective motivation method! Everyone that was forced to do a lot of boring tasks you were not really interested in or even disliked can confirm the motivational aspects (or demotivational aspects) of being interested (or not being interested) in a specific task. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to create an interest in every task you have to do at work, but you can make use of the ability to CREATE interest in these tasks! All you need is creativeness, which allows you to spot interesting characteristics of a task.


Techniques for self-motivation

High Energy Level! Another very effective motivation method is to keep your energy levels as high as possible! This seems to be difficult, especially in times when all our tasks and duties feel like a burden that fades our energy. So how can we deal with this problem? Create a balance! Invest some time in your own relaxation with all kinds of relaxation techniques that allow you to become energized!

Self motivation techniques:

Here is how to motivate yourself effectively and advance your incentive:

Goals! A very effective motivation technique that can increase your incentive is to create a list with all your goals that you want to achieve. It would be even better if you could create some sort of “vision board” where you pin photos of your goals.


Motivational board with all your goals

Make sure to place your goal list or your vision-board to some place where you see it at least once a day! Feel free to have a look at these pictures especially when you feel a lack in motivation!

Passion! The next self motivation technique is passion, which can effectively motivate yourself! Try to think about topics that are you passionate about and combine this passion with your goals! Let’s say you are passionate about sports, so you would try to connect your passion with one of your goals, for example: “By exercising regularly I could become thoroughly fit and could play football with my friends”, “By improving my rhetorical skills I could find more arguments in a discussion”.

Music! Everyone of us associates music with all kinds of feelings. A soft ballade might enable us to feel romantic feelings, whereas a rocking song might empower us with positive emotions! Especially music that energizes you could help you to become motivated! You know what kind of music you like best, so use your favorite songs as self motivation technique!

Motivation quotes:

“What kind of man would live a life without daring? Is life so sweet that we should criticize men that seek adventure? Is there a better way to die?” ~ Charles Augustus Lindbergh

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How do you peak motivation?


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