The Top 75 Most Inspirational Songs Of All Time


Have you run out of inspiration? Don’t know how to replenish it quickly? There are times in life when you’re feeling stuck, unable to get started. You’re confronted with the problem that you need to be creative but you lack the right passion and excitement to tackle your task. What is worse, it feels as if even the last drop of creativity has dried up, leaving you feeling uninspired and unmotivated. You’re beginning to procrastinate, which makes it even more difficult to find the right inspiration. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are many things you can do to boost inspiration. Perhaps the most powerful thing you can do is to listen to inspirational songs. For this reason, we’ve created a hand-picked selection of the most inspirational songs of all time that will re-energize you.

If you’re feeling uninspired at times, worry not. You’re definitely not alone. In fact, some of the brightest and most creative people that have ever lived on earth were confronted with a lack of inspiration regularly, often even weekly.

“Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.”
H. Jackson Brown Jr.

We all – you, me, Paul Allen (famous innovator) – are confronted with days when we’re not at all inspired. These are the days when it seems as if excitement, creativity, and passion have left us for good.

Inspirational songs

Everywhere you go, always take good music with you.

Luckily, there’s something you can do about it: listening to inspirational songs.

The Top 75 Most Inspirational Songs Of All Time

Music is a powerful remedy for times in life when you have run out of inspiration. Inspirational music does not only boost your energy but it also helps you to get excited again about whatever it is you’re doing. The right motivational song at the right moment can drastically switch your state of mind from feeling uninspired to being excited and brimming with creativity. Inspirational songs can help you to reenter that particular state where creativity flows and inspiration abounds. Once you’re back in the flow, numerous creative and exciting ideas will emerge to the surface, which is why we all love these moments of great inspiration.

In short, music will give you the right kick you need to get back up on your feet and to continue pursuing your goals. But the question remains: what songs will help you to get inspired again?

Searching and identifying the most inspirational songs can be quite difficult. There are simply too many songs out there that are only averagely motivating and/or inspiring. That’s the reason why the following list was created. We specifically desired to identify the most inspirational songs ever – to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

Our work resulted in a selection of incredibly motivational, encouraging and inspiring songs. Almost all of the songs have an uplifting beat and will push you to your limits. These fantastic songs will get your creativity flowing so that you’re brimming with inspiration once more.

Enjoy this hand-picked selection of inspirational anthems that will give you an inspirational kick. Here are the inspirational songs that help you to kickstart your life.

75. Good Feeling by Flo Rida

Let’s start this huge list with an upbeat feel-good song!

Flo Rida’s song features vocal samples of R&B legend Etta James, which make the song a great dance floor hit. Combined with acoustic-driven guitars, the track is guaranteed to energize you and will definitely get you excited about the things to come.


74. I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown

This brilliant song by James Brown, the godfather of soul, is a classic. James Brown’s song has a “jazzy feel” to it that will definitely make you feel good about yourself and the world.


73. The Passenger by Iggy Pop

The best part of Iggy Pop’s song is the marvelous intro. What follows is a lighthearted chorus that’s easy to sing along with. Not all like this song but those who do feel greatly inspired by it whenever they hear it.


72. In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins

This song is legendary, at least to me. First released in 1981, “In the Air Tonight” was already beloved by millions when it was re-popularized by the movie The Hangover. The song is featured during a hilarious scene with Mike Tyson who plays air-drums to the song before knocking out one of the main characters of the movie.

The song takes a little to build up but then there’s this fantastic drumming scene and things are getting into motion. If you turn your speakers up, this amazing song will definitely motivate and inspire you.


71. In for the Kill by La Roux

“In for the Kill” is another thrilling song that is an excellent dance floor filler. Make sure to listen to the remix by Skream (see below). It’s even better than the original. The remix comes with a bass-heavy setting that will give you that fantastic “whatever it takes” attitude as you move along.


70. Lose Yourself by Eminem

This song is already more than 10 years old but it has lost nothing of its remarkable drive. It’s a fast-paced song full of heart, ambition, and anger. “Lose Yourself” is particularly helpful when life pushes you to the ground and you need to mobilize all the strength you have left to get back up on your feet.


69. You Gotta Be’ by Des’ree

“You Gotta Be’” is an impressive feel-good song that comes with an inspiring and positive message. To say it with the artist’s words: “You gotta be bold, you gotta be strong!” That’s the song that will definitely encourage you to keep going when confronted with difficulties.


68. Drive by Incubus

“Drive” is not only the most famous song by the band but it’s also a superb and inspiring piece packed with remarkable vocals. The great harmony of this rock ballad is simply stunning.


67. Heal the World by Michael Jackson

Oh, those good old days! This inspiring song comes close to being the anthem for all of humanity. It’s not only a remarkable song for world peace but it’s also a great remedy for all those who are struggling with their lives. When you listening to Michael Jackson’s classic, you get this encouraging feeling that you are not alone and that things will soon be better again.


66. You Get What You Give by New Radicals

The tune of this one hit wonder is quite uplifting with electric guitar corkscrews emerging in the song here and there. Even though the music video was quite centered on rebellious teens, the song is so much more than just a teeny song. It’s rebellious, earnest, and comes with forceful vocals that deliver an important message.


65. Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters

Looking for a feel-good tune that encourages you to dream big? Well, “Learn to Fly” is exactly that. The song will lift you up during difficult times and will cheer you up. Its positive message is that everything will be all right eventually.


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