Living Life Without Limits and Limiting Beliefs


Living life without limits (such as self-imposed limits as well as limiting beliefs) is an ambitious target that many individuals seek to reach. I´m sure you know that wild horses need to be tamed in order to ride them. There exist a lot of different methods to break the will of a horse, but the most famous method is the so-called horse breaking to get horses to let themselves be ridden.

In order to set self-imposed limits into the thinking of the horse, they get tied up with a halter and a heavy sack that simulates a rider. A couple of days, the horse will try to free itself from the load, until it accepts that it can’t break free. At this point, a person might try to lay its body across the horse’s back to test if the horse accepts the equestrian. If the horse does so it can be ridden the first time.

From this very moment on, the horse strongly accepts the fact that it is limited and that it can’t get rid of the equestrian on its back. Furthermore, the horse believes the self-imposed limit that it is not able to free itself, no matter how hard it tries. Horses believe these only in their mind existing limits so strongly that they will not attempt to break free because of their past experiences when they were not able to do so.

Unfortunately, a lot of humans behave like horses when it comes to self-imposed limits, limiting beliefs and the self-programming with built-in-boundaries that only exist in their minds.

Living life without limits and limiting believes

Our inner boundaries and limiting beliefs disallow us to fulfill our dreams and visions and living life without limits. If we accept from the beginning that we are not able to conquer our boundaries and live without limits we won´t even try to do so and miss the chance to live our lives to the fullest.

Here is how you can start living life without limits, self-limiting beliefs and how you can free yourself from self-imposed limits:

#1 Self-limiting beliefs only exist in our minds!

In order to get rid of self-imposed limits, we need to discover and remember the fact that these boundaries exist only in our mind. Limitations can only affect us when we believe them to be real.


Overcome limiting beliefs

#2 Start thinking big!

An important and effective method to living life without limits and freeing yourself from self-limiting beliefs is to “Think Big”. Once you start visualizing and dreaming about all the amazing things you can achieve in your life you actively destroy your self-imposed boundaries. As an aside note: Thinking big will also allow you to increase your motivation as you will be able to increase your desire for accomplishment.

Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.” ~ David Joseph Schwartz

#3 Identify constraints and limitations

Your ability to identify constraints will have a huge impact whether you are able to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs or not. The process of identifying a constraint is necessary to recognize that self-limiting beliefs only exist in your mind. Alleviating constraints can speed up the process of achievement as well as your attempts to start thinking big!

Ask yourself what is holding you back in order to identify constraints and self-imposed limits. Constraints could be the assumption that you need a university degree to make career. Another limiting belief could be that your current environment is holding you back from personality development.

Really important is that you start to identify constraints and beliefs that limit you. Once you started to identify what is holding you back you can apply the following method:

#4 Expand your limits

You can gain a lot of self-confidence by expanding your limits and boundaries, even more important: you can remove limiting beliefs and start living without limits outside of your comfort-zone.

Once you start testing out your limits as well as expanding these you will notice that you can accomplish a whole lot more than you ever thought you could. You really need to discover that there are no limitations on what you can achieve in life.

Allow yourself to start to think big and identify constraints, limiting beliefs and self-imposed limits that have constrained you in the past!

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What are your tricks to live your life without limiting beliefs?


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