Karma – A System of Balance


It is also known as you reap what you saw. Most people associate with the Indian religious concept karma some kind of revenge-mechanism that – more or less instantly – punishes you for every bad deed. That is if they believe in karma at all and have taken some time to ponder about it. But mostly, one only hears about karma when it’s referred to in a joking manner. While most know that karma is treated in the Buddhist religion they do not know that similar concepts have also spread in Western culture, only under different names. And obviously, “karma” is just a label, a name for a concept that goes by different names, such as “destiny”, “fate”, “cause and effect”, “you reap what you sow”, “what goes around comes around” and probably much more.

Karma is – more often than not – regarded in a very negative way as some concept of punishment. 

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