Is Reincarnation Real?


[Please note: I no longer support the views expressed in this article. I think reincarnation is not a plausible concept but I have left the following for informational purposes.] The question whether reincarnation is real or not has caused great controversies and debates. It can be said without exaggeration that opinions differ greatly on this question, leading to heated discussions. On one side there are scientists who reject the question for lack of evidence. Some scientists even go so far to state that the idea of reincarnation is entirely unnecessary because it is not possible to be measured and tested according to scientific procedure. On the other side, we have mostly religiously minded people who accept the notion of reincarnation as part of their religious worldview. But who is right? Finding a definite answer to the question whether there is life after death or not is nearly impossible. But we can look at the evidence that various researchers present and evaluate whether it supports or dismisses the theory. Therefore, this article will present reincarnation stories and supposed reincarnation proof in order to help you form an opinion about the subject matter.

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Evaluating the reincarnation evidence
Is this proof of reincarnation?
Does reincarnation exist?

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Proof of reincarnation?

There is none.

Is this proof of reincarnation?

The reincarnation evidence presented is not conclusive enough to proove the theory of reincarnation. Only one thing was proven: that children had birthmarks which resembled wounds of a deceased person. To draw the conclusion that this is a result of a life after death is therefore not acceptable.

Does reincarnation exist?

The initial question of this article can easily be answered: Probably not. And attempting to answer the question if reincarnation is possible with a definite yes would not be credible.

Luckily, many hypotheses in this field of study have sparked the interest of the scientific community. One of which is the hypothesis that a non-physical part of a human being exists. Further research into these areas might help to piece the different insights together and form a theory out of many hypotheses that might answer the question once and for all.

What do you think, does reincarnation exists?


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  1. In the free book on Soul Theory a global approach is taken to establish reincarnation theory. It explains the reincarnation in the way you have described in your blog. Thank you for your very good presentation. It has 3-4 more chapters that discuss existence of soul and its characteristics. One of them is Yogic Power, which any human can acquire by a lifetime practice of Yogic Meditation. There are lots of well documented examples of such powers all over the world. One chapter describes destiny theory and evidences of that. This chapter describes ancient documents that provide destiny of about one million people living at present time. Another chapter is dedicated on Vedic Theory of souls, which talks about reincarnation, and the theory of creation. It is believed that Veda was known all over the world at some time in the history of earth. Reincarnation and yogic power was known to all people and there are many evidences of that even now. It is well known that reincarnation was systematically taken out of Bible in the period 200-600 AD.

    For the skeptics the book also takes a global approach of the characteristics of the modern society. First, it proves with all details and mathematical rigors that the entire theories of mathematics and physics are all wrong. It shows that all three Newton’s laws are wrong, Quantum Mechanics is wrong. In other words, the skeptics believe in a false science. It also shows that all religions are false. All these falsities happened because of the falsity of economics. It points out that money is false, free, and abundant at the source, which is the central bank. The objective of money is to accumulate wealth by a few, eliminate freedom, and create large scale unemployment and global poverty. Thus our education, religions, math, science, economics are all wrong. You cannot find truth while living in such a society.

    At one time, about 400 years back, there was only one person, Galileo, who knew the truth. All others, about two billions of them, did not know that the earth goes round the sun. This fact is valid even now. Very few people, a small fraction of 1% knows the truth. Rest of us does not even know that we do not know.

  2. Insightful Post,

    One time I went to a past life regression therapist, and I could never be sure if I was making it all up but I had an extremely detailed vision of myself running on a cobblestone street while people were throwing feces out the windows. I seemed to be a poor peasant, but as the vision went on a battle ensued… and next thing I knew I was on a horse in full knight armor.

    That was only one of about 5 experiences, and after watching hours of physicist Brian Greene I now wonder if we are actually IN the past of a future existence?

    • Oh yeah path life regression is another very very exciting topic. I heard many stories of people who have experience such a regression, many of them were very wild.

  3. I didn’t read your articles yet, but will when I have more time. But can I ask you ?? Do you believe in reincarnation?

    • Steve Mueller on

      Well, I cannot prove it and I cannot disprove it. And it doesn’t get easier when everyone says something different. Christians don’t believe in it, Hindus and Buddhists do.

      There are some obscure references in the Bible, which I cannot explain.

      Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return there. (Job 1:21)

      …when Melchizedek met Abraham, Levi was still in the body of his ancestor. (Hebrews 7:10)

      How can one return to one’s mother’s womb? And how can Levi be in the body of his ancestors?

      Anyways, we will find out one day.

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