How to Solve Problems?


Every one of us is facing some problems and trouble in life, which is quite normal, but how to solve problems effectively? How can we get rid of all our problems that are causing us trouble in life? Definition of problem-solving: Problem-solving is the process of finding, shaping and eliminating a problem. The solving of a problem is an exercise that allows people to adapt their existing knowledge and develop a solution to solve the problem.

An introduction to problem-solving:

We want to solve problems, but before we can do so we should accumulate some general knowledge about the term “problems”, e.g. what is a problem in general? Just as we know that most questions can be answered with more than just one right answer we should be aware that problems often have far more than one solution that allows us to solve them. So if you ask yourself the question what a problem is, then I say to you that it is something you CAN solve in many different ways.

How to solve problems?

In the following, I’m going to describe you how you can get rid of all your problems and how to solve them! Problem-solving is nothing ground breaking, once you know how it’s done and what is necessary.

The #1 secret to solving a problem!

The utmost important “secret tool” that allows you to solve all your problems is your attitude! Yeah, you heard right: your attitude towards problems allows you to solve them or it to get beaten by them, depending on your attitude. You might ask yourself now ironically: “My attitude is the key to solving all my problems? Yeah… sure!”, but let me explain the power of your attitude towards problem-solving:


Solving problems

Life’s problems do not exist to make you feel bad, they neither show up to defeat you nor do they arise to knock you down to the ground! A problem exists to help you to develop yourself further! A problem can enable you to grow as a person and allows you to gain important knowledge if you are willing to get yourself into this process!


Eliminate the word “problem” from your vocabulary

There are no such things as problems. Every problem is an opportunity for you; a challenge if you want so. Instead of using the word “problem”, which is burdened with negative feelings you should try to call the situation you are facing a “challenge” or an “opportunity”.

“There is a problem” sounds hopeless.

“We are facing a challenging situation, which could turn out to be an exciting opportunity for us!” sounds far more positive and will allow you to change your attitude towards a problem.


Every problem is an opportunity for improvement

Problems arise as a result of external factors that (in most cases) cannot be influenced by you! You cannot avoid problems and you cannot stop them from arising, BUT you can change your attitude towards them! Problems can be the chance for you to improve your life; to make some situation better than it was before! In fact: general problems allowed people to accumulate riches when they were able to provide a solution for these problems! The cash prizes that are being offered for the solving of a math problem are just an example for this.

Once you are able to develop a positive attitude towards problems you will see that you become far more confident towards problem-solving. A positive side effect of this attitude is that you (once a problem occurs) will respond to this challenge with enthusiasm and the eagerness to make the best out of this opportunity.

The second secret to solving problems!


Don´t think about the “why”… Focus on the solution!

When it comes to problems we can split mankind into two different parties. The first party focuses on the question: “Why did that problem occur?” The other party focuses on the question: “How can I solve this problem?” You can feel free to think a couple of minutes about these two different approaches towards a problem and about their effectiveness and their ineffectiveness. You will see that the first question (Why?) is misleading and focuses only on the problem itself. [Please note that this question can be very helpful if we need to know how to avoid similar problems in the future] BUT it won´t help us to solve the problem that has occurred. Summarizing we can say that the “why?” will waste our time when it comes to problem-solving! The second question (How can I solve this problem?) is by far thousand times more effective when it comes to the problem-solving process! The question “how can I solve…?” will allow us to focus all our attention on the solving of a problem.

Focus 90% of your time on solutions and only 10% of your time on problems. ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo

The above-named secrets will help you to know how to solve problems with the right attitude and effectively! And never forget that problems can only make you stronger, as they allow you to gain the knowledge to avoid these and/or similar problems in the future! Every problem that occurs today will help you to solve another problem tomorrow. Or, with keeping the above-named secrets in mind: Every challenge that you are willing to face will allow you to prepare you for the challenges of the future!

What is your approach to solving difficult problems?


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