How to overcome fear of failure


I found this really amazing video by Brian Tracy in which he explains how you can overcome your fears in order to avoid failure.

Brian Tracy is explaining his whole “how to overcome the fear of failure” – concept within 2 minutes but it is definitely worth to see it. I’m sure you will learn a lot in this short time.

Brian Tracy was born in Canada in 1944 and is an author, mainly focusing on self-help. Brian Tracy gives seminars from leadership, sales up to different business strategies. Nowadays, Brian Tracy is the Chairman of a human resource company called Brian Tracy International that is based in California.


Learning to overcome the fear of failure

He became famous with his seminar called “The Phoenix Seminar” that was finally updated to a self-help audio tape with the title: “The Psychology of Achievement”.

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  1. Purusharth Singh on

    I’ve hardly passed my intermediate exam with very low percentage. I’m very much depressed. Everybody use to tease me as a FAILURE. I’m in stress that how to study in future or how to do well. I simply don’t know what to do? When my successfull time will arive?
    please guide me..

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