How to Boost Your Self-Confidence in 10 min!


This little method shall help you to boost your self-confidence within 10 minutes and will help you to get a kick-start full of self-esteem into your daily life. However, this method will only help you to gain temporarily confidence and will skyrocket your mood for some hours, but it won’t enable you to improve your self-esteem on the long-term. If you want to improve your self-esteem on the long-term you might want to have a look at the following article: How to Build Self-EsteemNow, let’s get ready to boost your confidence within 10 minutes. You can exercise this method in the morning before going to work or if you are trapped in a bad mood.

Boost your confidence #1: Take a shower

I haven’t added the time for a shower to the 10 minutes because most people do take a shower in the morning, so this should sum up with your morning routine! Everyone that takes a shower in the morning knows of its revitalizing and energizing effects it can have, but it will also boost your confidence when you feel clean and vitalized. Same goes for days when you feel sluggish or have a hangover. A shower might be the #1 step to get rid of these feelings!

Boost your confidence #2: Listen to music

Prepare your radio or your sound-system so that you can listen to your favorite music after you have taken a shower if you do have a radio in your bath that would be even better! Turn up your favorite music and feel the energy and “feel-good” emotions that it gives you! Good music lets you forget about your worries and enables you to look confident at the challenges of your daily life!

Boost your confidence #3: Suit up!

You don’t necessarily have to wear a suit, but make sure to wear your favorite clothes, which will help you to boost your (short-term) confidence towards a further level! Make the self-test: the next time you go to the grocery store you could wear just a regular jogging suit. The jogging suit will feel comfortable, but it has no effects on your mood or your confidence. But once you wear your very best clothes and walk through your shopping mall you will feel confident and have a good mood! Make use of the positive effects that your clothes can have on yourself, day after day!


The above-named techniques will help you to know how to boost your self-confidence within 10 minutes to get a kick-start into the day!

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What are your tricks to boost your self-confidence as quickly as possible?


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  1. I always feel energize when I listen to my favourite songs
    I talk like the whole world mine when I am dressed in my nice clothes
    Taking shower makes me sharp in mathematics during my school days

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