Guest Authors Wanted

[Submissions are closed for the moment]

Do you enjoy writing about personal development, the meaning of life, happiness, life hacks or something entirely different such as philosophy? Fantastic! Perhaps you have an article that you’ve always wanted to publish. Feel free to submit your article for possible publication with Planet of Success.

Reach out to our 90,000 monthly readers, 4500 Facebook friends and connect with like-minded individuals.

However, there’s one catch:

I Want High Quality Articles – or Nothing at All

I’d love to feature your work on this blog. However, in order to be published on this website, your article needs to be of a good quality. The reason for this is simple: I want to confront my readership only with the best material possible. This website does not need lame articles with titles such as:

  • 999 Unique Ways to Write Your Shopping List
  • 100 Tricks to Dust off Your Closet

If you choose to submit an article, make it unique, exciting and thrilling. Put your heart into the article. Show the readers what they can do to improve their situation. Excellent websites that feature the kind of guest posts I’m looking for are or Write from your personal perspective or use a more authoritative tone. Whatever you prefer. All that matters is that your advice is truly insightful, beneficial and helpful for the reader.

Amaze me, surprise me and make me beg for more of your fantastic work. Put yourself into my shoes, I read quite a lot of article submissions. Many of them are not at all helpful or beneficial to the reader. Think about exciting topics that no one speaks about, such as:

  • Stop Being a Theory Junkie
  • 3 Reasons You Don’t Need How-To Articles
  • 10 Crazy Ways to Become Successful
  • 5 Evil Productivity Tricks Bosses Use against YOU

The more you stand out, the higher your chances to be published with us.

Writing Guidelines

  1. Well-written: Submit only high-quality articles.
  2. Original content: Not previously published; will not be republished elsewhere.
  3. Length: Around 1500 words, 2000+ is even better.
  4. Biography: Include a bio with up to one link to your personal website.
  5. References: Include your sources. Adding links to scientific studies is encouraged.
  6. No self-promotion! Questionable links within the text will be removed.
  7. Engage readers: Include a relevant question at the end of the article.
  8. No cursing, swear words or offensive language. Google doesn’t like it.
  9. Image: Make a suggestion for a good title image. Make sure that the image can be used under a Creative Commons license for commercial purposes. Most of the time I use Flickr to find excellent images.
  10. Send your article proposal to:, with the title: “Guest Article Submission”
  11. Make sure your email address is connected to Gravatar so that readers can see your profile photo.

Important to Know

  1. Publishing rights: By sending your article you agree that Planet of Success will hold the publishing rights to the article, if it is published. These rights include the publication of the post in a book or ebook which is sold on online stores or this website. Proper attribution to your name and website will be given.
  2. Your post may be edited: Links to questionable third-party websites will be removed.
  3. Credit links to personal websites are preferred.
  4. I check my spam folder regularly: I’ll receive every submission. No need to remind me about it.
  5. I read every submission.
  6. If I like what I read I’ll get back at you as soon as possible.
  7. If I do not respond within 2 weeks it means I’ll pass on your submission. Due to time restraints I cannot provide feedback about your article.

If this sounds okay I’m more than happy to hear from you!