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Who doesn’t enjoy being surrounded by authentic, genuine people? When you’re in company with someone who’s genuine, you’ll automatically feel a lot more comfortable. You know that you are hanging out with someone who is in tune with who they are – someone who can perfectly live with their faults and weaknesses. When you speak to an authentic person, you know that they genuinely care about you and that they wish you no ill. At the same time, it cannot be avoided to be confronted with people who are plain out fake. There’s nothing worse than a fake person who has that unsettling ability to make you feel like crap whenever you meet them. In the following, you can find a hand-picked selection of the 50 best fake people quotes.

Fake people are all nice to you, they smile at you and compliment you. But as soon as you turn your back on them, they start gossiping about you. They list all your imperfections and say nasty things about you. When you’re hanging out with them, they give poisoned, backhanded compliments that have an awkward aftertaste.

“What’s the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside?”
Jess C. Scott

One telltale sign of a fake person is that they are continuously trying to bend over backward. As a result, these people appear to be spineless – they are people without an own opinion. Instead of having the courage to do their own thing, they adopt their behavior all the time in order to please those around them.

Fake people quotes

Fake smiles are easily detectable.

Genuinely fake people don’t care at all about your opinion. All they care about is themselves and making their voice heard. At the same time, fake people simply cannot be trusted. If you tell them something in confidence, you can bet that countless other people will be involved only hours later.

What is worse, the character traits of fake people are little appealing. They have absolutely no emotional resilience and strength of character is unknown to them. Instead of having the courage to speak their mind, they will openly lie in your face.

Instead of admitting their faults and mistakes, these people are known to cover everything up. Fake people never grant others a glimpse behind the mask they are wearing. At the same time, fake people are heavily judgmental of others. They are seemingly unable to accept people the way they are simply because they do not align with their idea of perfection.

Whenever you’re confronted with a fake person, it can be incredibly inspiring to read some quotes about fake people. These wise sayings can provide you important insights into the psyche and behavior of these people.

The 50 Best Fake People Quotes

Here are the best quotes about fake people.

1. Charles Glassman on faked perfection

“I prefer to surround myself with people who reveal their imperfection, rather than people who fake their perfection.”
Charles F. Glassman

People who fake their perfection quote

Fake people seldom reveal their weaknesses and imperfections. But aren’t our imperfections what make us special? Don’t we love our friends not despite all their faults and imperfections but because of them? At the same time, it somehow feels uncomfortable to be around someone who pretends to be perfect.

2. Nima Davani on dealing with fake people

“When you see the genuine, you don’t deal with the fakes anymore.”
Nima Davani

You don't deal with the fakes anymore quote

Once you have discovered how enriching it is to be surrounded with genuine people, you no longer care for the fake ones.

3. Habeeb Akande on fake friends

“Fake friends are like shadows: always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour. True friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but they are always there.”
Habeeb Akande

Fake friends are like shadows quote

Fake friends are those who try to shine in your light during your greatest victories. At the same time, these are the people who will deny knowing you when you’re going through a tough time.

4. Tyler Knott Gregson on faked smiles

“I would rather wear honest tears than the most beautiful and elaborately faked smile.”
Tyler Knott Gregson

Beautiful and elaborately fake smile

No smile is ever truly beautiful when it is faked.

5. John Green on being a chameleon

“The thing about chameleoning your way through life is that it gets to where nothing is real.”
John Green

Quote about fake people

It’s only natural that fake people attract many other “un-genuine” people into their lives.

6. Ralph Waldo Emerson on being yourself

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It takes quite a lot of courage to be yourself. Being genuine and having your own opinion is certainly not easy. In fact, it is a great accomplishment if you can resist the pressure other people and society influence upon you to mold you into something that you are not.

7. Pushpa Rana on mannequins

“I love fake people provided they are mannequins.”
Pushpa Rana

And if they are not mannequins, run away as fast as you can.

8. Henry Miller on adapting to the world

“There is no salvation in becoming adapted to a world which is crazy.”
Henry Miller

There are many behaviors that are considered by large amounts of people as absolutely normal. However, if you find that these behaviors go against your morals, withstand the pressure to adapt. There really is no need to adapt to a dysfunctional world.

9. Rita Mae Brown on conformity

“I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.”
Rita Mae Brown

Another issue fake people are confronted with is that they try to please everyone around them. They conform as good as possible in order to be liked by everyone. However, they seldom understand how important it is to like oneself first.

10. Ellen J. Barrier on fake friends

“A Fake Friend is an enemy in disguise.”
Ellen J. Barrier

Try to stay away from fake friends as much as you can. They are not at all interested in you and might even deeply despise seeing you thrive.

11. Michael Bassey Johnson on parasites

“Stay away from lazy parasites, who perch on you just to satisfy their needs, they do not come to alleviate your burdens, hence, their mission is to distract, detract and extract, and make you live in abject poverty.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

You can also quickly identify fake friends if they are highly self-centered and don’t care about your own needs at all.

12. Sara Shepard on keeping attention

“Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. Your best friends might just be your enemies.”
Sara Shepard

It’s very unlikely that your best friends are your enemies. However, it can be of great help to always remain a little cautious when new friends enter into your life. No one knows in the beginning if they are genuinely interested in you or if they are simply fake friends.

13. Ejump Schiffler on plastic human beings

“We are living in the world where fantastic but plastic human beings exist which can’t decompose by the soil – only by the fire.”
Ejump Schiffler

The way a person looks on the outside does not indicate who they truly are.

14. C. JoyBell on truly fake people

“The difference between my darkness and your darkness is that I can look at my own badness in the face and accept its existence while you are busy covering your mirror with a white linen sheet. […] You are a white witch, a wizard; your spells are manipulations and your cauldron from hell yet you wrap yourself in white and wear a silver wig.”
C. JoyBell C.

Many fake people figuratively wrap themselves in beautiful linen and wear attractive masks. However, behind the superficial masquerade often hides something insecure and vulnerable. Something that is not in touch with its faults and imperfections but instead tries to hide them away as good as possible.

15. Dan Pearce on scaring away fake people

“Share your weaknesses. Share your hard moments. Share your real side. It’ll either scare away every fake person in your life or it will inspire them to finally let go of that mirage called “perfection,” which will open the doors to the most important relationships you’ll ever be a part of.”
Dan Pearce

It is certainly true that you become a little bit vulnerable by opening yourself to other people. At the same time, it can be a fantastic way to instantly spot fake people who are not at all interested in who you really are. But those who are your true friends will always accept you for who you are.

16. Rebecca McNutt on superficiality

“Nobody has ever taken a photograph of something they want to forget. We can build a wall of happy Kodak moments around ourselves, a wall of our Christmases, birthdays, baby showers and weddings, but we can never forget that celluloid film is see-through, that behind it, all the misery of real life waits for our wall to collapse someday.”
Rebecca McNutt

Fake people are like card houses. They erect shiny photographs around themselves to show others how magnificent they are and how exciting their life is. At the same time, these are nothing but superficial glimpses of a personality that is more or less fragile.

17. Criss Jami on masking weaknesses

“A coward may be so cowardly that he masks his weakness with some false personification of power. He is afraid to love and to be loved because love tends to strip bare all emotional barricades. Without love, strength and independence are prone to losing every bit of their worth; they become nothing more than a fearful, intimidated, empty tent lost somewhere in the desert of self.”
Criss Jami

That’s a wonderful fake people quote. It highlights how fake people try to mask weaknesses with misunderstood expressions of strength.

18. C. JoyBell on natural laws

“There is a law of the natural worlds […] for every genuine existence, for every real manifestation and occurrence, there are ten thousand falsities. Before you meet what or who is genuine, you will first have met, or known of, what is fake. […] And you ask why is there a need for this to happen? Well, if you have not known what is false first, there is no way to understand what then comes which is truth. What is lesser is so afraid of what is genuine, that it finds it necessary to imitate and duplicate that imitation ten thousand times over, for fear that you will finally meet what is real.”
C. JoyBell C.

Only by experiencing the awkward falsities of fakeness you will be able to truly appreciate that which is genuine. If you’ve ever dealt with an incredibly fake person, you will appreciate those who are real a lot more.

19. Shannon L. Alder on regrets

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”
Shannon L. Alder

You can greatly please other people by learning to adapt yourself. You can live your life exactly how others want you to live it but it will never truly fulfill you.

20. Charles F. Glassman on boasters

“Are the accomplishments that people boast about real? Probably. But I’d rather hang out with real people, and real people don’t have to boast.”
Charles F. Glassman

When you’re around people who have accomplished truly great things in life, you’ll see that many of them are quite humble. These people know exactly what they’ve accomplished and simply feel no need to boast about it. At the same time, fake people will greatly boast about things that are not always that great. Surely, they can also accomplish truly magnificent things in life, but they will always make sure that all the people around them know precisely how great they are.

21. Israelmore Ayivor on fake friends

“Fake friends; those who only drill holes in your boat to get it leaking; those who discredit your ambitions and those who pretend they love you, but behind their backs they know they are in to destroy your legacies.”
Israelmore Ayivor

That‘s the reason why it is so important to cut ties with those people.

22. Alex Morritt on interconnectedness

“The more time we spend interconnected via a myriad of devices, the less time we have left to develop true friendships in the real world.”
Alex Morritt

Fake people have thousands of friends online. They value the idea of having huge numbers of friends without having to form close relationships with all of them.

23. Navonne Johns on true characters

“A persons character is shown through their actions in life not where they sit on Sunday.”
Navonne Johns

Fake people talk much and perform superficial acts intended to portray them in a good light. However, through their day-to-day actions they reveal who they really are.

24. Michael Bassey Johnson on negative people

“Don’t destroy yourself by allowing negative people add gibberish and debris to your character, reputation, and aspirations. Keep all dreams alive but discreet, so that those with unhealthy tongues won’t have any other option than to infest themselves with their own diseases.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

It’s not uncommon that fake people will give everything they can to push you down so that they can shine in a brighter light.

25. Jody Gehrman on fake rituals

“I despise the rituals of fake friendship. I wish we could just claw each other’s eyes out and call it a day; instead, we put on huge radiant smiles and spout compliments until our teeth hurt from the saccharine sweetness of it all.”
Jody Gehrman

You know who your true friends are when you can speak openly with them – especially when the both of you have a problem that needs to be sorted out.

26. John Mark Green about toxic people

“Toxic people attach themselves like cinder blocks tied to your ankles, and then invite you for a swim in their poisoned waters.”
John Mark Green

This fake people quote is so true. Fake people may be quite polite and comforting but if you don’t pay close attention they will stab you in the back.

27. Shannon L. Alder on insecure people

“Insecure people often falsify the past, in order to make the future pure.”
Shannon L. Alder

The great problem with falsifying the past is that one will always be bound to repeat the mistakes of the past over and over again.

28. Shannon L. Alder on offering pity

“Cruel people offer pity when they no longer feel threatened. However, kind people offer compassion and understanding regardless.”
Shannon L. Alder

Genuine and kind people will always be able to relate to your situation. They will always celebrate your successes with you, even if that means that you are shining a much brighter light than they themselves do. In fact, they are perfectly fine with that and are simply happy seeing you thrive.

29. Michael Bassey Johnson on pretending what you’re not

“Don’t pretend to be what you’re not, instead, pretend to be what you want to be. It is not pretense, it is a journey to self-realization.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Even more important, don’t pretend to be someone you don’t want to be.

30. Shannon L. Alder on digital superficiality

“An open Facebook page is simply a psychiatric dry erase board that screams, ‘Look at me. I am insecure. I need your reaction to what I am doing, but you’re not cool enough to be my friend. Therefore, I will just pray you see this because the approval of God is not all I need.’”
Shannon L. Alder

31. Santosh Avvannavar on false love

“I learned to identify the false love from true ones by their fruits, humbleness and how free they were from worldly desires.”
Santosh Avvannavar

Fake people are incredibly skillful at creating a fake persona. Only by judging them by the fruits of their actions you will get a true glimpse of who they are.

32. Vivien Leigh on living a false life

“I’m not a film star, I am an actress. Being a film star is such a false life, lived for fake values and for publicity.”
Vivien Leigh

Really, what is publicity and fame worth if it means that you have to give up everything you are in order to create a fake persona?

33. Shannon L. Alder on being kind to others

“Being kind to someone, only to look kind to others, defeats the purpose of being kind.”
Shannon L. Alder

Fake people will seldom treat others kindly simply for the sake of it. When they are kind to someone, you can bet that they are up to something.

34. Mark Vonnegut on being a fraud

“Fear that I was very different from everyone else. Fear that deep down inside I was a shallow fraud, that after the revolution or after Jesus came down to straighten everything out, everyone from hippies to hard-hats would unfold and blossom into the beautiful people they were while I would remain a gnarled little wart in the corner, oozing bile and giving off putrid smells.”
Mark Vonnegut

Many different shapes of fear motivate people to hide behind a fake personality. They are afraid of being exposed, afraid of being hurt by others, which is why they try to look away their vulnerabilities.

35. Criss Jami on making others feel good

“I cannot encourage any fabrication even for the sake of making people feel good. If I were to fabricate consciously and knowingly, I would not only be ordaining myself their enemy but also ordaining myself God’s enemy.”
Criss Jami

It’s not always helpful to tell people well-meant lies just to make them feel good. Often times, they will feel much worse once they discover that the fabrication is not real.

36. Jodee Blanco on being a fool

“What a desperate, pathetic fool I was. Time after time, my “friends” had shown me their true colors. Yet, I still wanted to believe they were sorry for causing me pain.”
Jodee Blanco

More often than not, we hold on to fake friends even though they clearly show us their true intentions. Perhaps we’ve grown used to their presence, which is why we are reluctant to let go of them.

37. Suzy Kassem on asking the right questions

“To seek truth requires one to ask the right questions. Those void of truth never ask about anything because their ego and arrogance prevent them from doing so. Therefore, they will always remain ignorant. Those on the right path to Truth are extremely heart-driven and childlike in their quest, always asking questions, always wanting to understand and know everything — and are not afraid to admit they don’t know something. However, every truth seeker does need to break down their ego first to see Truth. If the mind is in the way, the heart won’t see anything.”
Suzy Kassem

Fake people prefer to live a lie than having to confront the true nature of things. Openly seeking the truth is not always easy. In fact, it can be quite painful to discover the true nature of things. However, this is the only way to lift yourself out of ignorance and its negative side-effects.

38. John Verdon on the stories fake people tell

“The stories people tell you about themselves seem to retain the possibility of being false. But what you discover about them by yourself seems to be the truth.”
John Verdon

The stories fake people tell are often fabrications of their minds. In these stories, they will portray themselves the way they want others to perceive them. This means that you can only judge these people by observing their actions.

39. Shannon L. Alder on people who don’t care

“Often people that say they “don’t care” actually do. The moment they discuss you with their friends and family, compete with you, bad mouth you to others or react to anything you do or say is when they give themselves away. You can either be saddened or flattered that you affected someone so much. The perspective is yours to determine.”
Shannon L. Alder

40. Muhammad Saqib on wearing a mask

“People wear a mask of lie so they look attractive, be careful”
Muhammad Saqib

It‘s often the case that the way people portray themselves can be quite beautiful and attractive. But once you look closer, once you catch a glimpse of what lies deep inside, you may discover that things are often not the way they look like.

41. Bethany Griffin on faking smiles

“I’ve perfected the art of the fake smile. It’s not so difficult when you are completely numb.”
Bethany Griffin

Yet, you can quickly catch those who are only putting on a fake smile.

42. John F. Kennedy on conformity

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”
John F. Kennedy

Conforming to norms is what stops people from freely expressing who they really are.

43. Stephen Chbosky on feeling like a fake

“I feel like a big faker because I’ve been putting my life back together, and nobody knows.”
Stephen Chbosky

44. Toba Beta onlooking fake

“You don’t look fake when you unconsciously pretend.”
Toba Beta

45. Chuck Palahniuk on soap operas

“Some soap opera, you know, real people pretending to be fake people with made-up problems being watched by real people to forget their real problems.”
Chuck Palahniuk

46. Reddioui on tolerance

“Sometimes those who don’t socialize much aren’t actually anti-social, they just have no tolerance for drama and fake people.”

47. Jeff Lindsay on faking emotional responses

“Since I am not actually a real human being, my emotional responses are generally limited to what I have learned to fake.”
Jeff Lindsay

48. Criss Jami on looking for sympathy

“Like crying wolf, if you keep looking for sympathy as a justification for your actions, you will someday be left standing alone when you really need help.”
Criss Jami

49. Meg Cabot on having no interests

“However, because they have no actual interests of their own (or if they do, they squelch them in order to fit in) and merely pursue those that they think will look best on their college apps, they’re zombies.”
Meg Cabot

50. George Burns on sincerity

“Sincerity – if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”
George Burns

I hope you enjoyed this collection of the best fake people quotes.

Stay victorious!

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