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The following goal setting methods will show you how to set goals with the mindset of a top achiever. A very interesting occurrence has inspired me to write this article about goal setting methods that are being applied by top achievers and shall show you how to set goals effectively. These goal setting methods could also be described as professional goal setting strategies, as they are mostly applied by professionals such as sportsmen. I just coincidentally saw on TV a top-caliber athlete being asked about his personal secret that had enabled him to achieve the world record in the competition. The answer that was given by the athlete was really interesting since he said something like: “My secret is hard work, a lot of training, effort and most important: I apply my goal setting methods continuously”. Not only was his answer very insightful, but he also has shown that the techniques of searching and even more important: reaching aims are some sort of open secrets that are being applied by successful people such as top athletes, businessman and other wealthy individuals.

Therefore I dug deeper into the term of goal setting methods and goal setting strategies of top achievers to finally reveal excellent techniques that help you to set targets and objectives more effective:

The Attitude of Top Achievers:

  • Amazing Self-Belief: Top achievers believe in themselves. They know their potential and are completely sure that they can accomplish any aim they want to reach, no matter how ambitious their targets are. It is the unconditional believe that enables them to accomplish any dream or vision, since this is resulting in the “whatever it takes” mindset. Every person has such a great potential, but the majority is not aware of it and can’t apply it effectively. Therefore it is so important to start believing in yourself. You need to believe that you can reach every vision that you have before you start applying goal setting methods.
  • Fantastic Visions: A century ago, no one believed it was possible for humans to fly except Orville and Wilbur that are commonly known as the Wright brothers. It was their ambition, aspiration, desire and vision to be able to fly one day. And despite the fact that no one else had ever invented something similar they believed in their vision, which finally resulted in a huge success in 1903 when they were able to make the first controlled and sustained human flight. We can conclude from this example that top achievers are not discouraged by the fact that no one has ever done something similar like the vision they have.
  • Vision vs. Possibility: Due to the fact that a lot of records and barriers have meanwhile been broken, top achievers started to recognize the possibilities that arise out of this fact. It enables these people to develop desires and believes in achieving similar aims that have already been accomplished. This is furthermore the reason that records are constantly broken, once they were established.
  • Supportive Competition: Top achievers are never afraid of competition, even if the competitors have momentarily better skills than them. Quite the contrary: Achievers are aware that competition can be very supportive for them since it helps them in becoming better and advances their self-development in this area. To clarify this I would like to give you an example: Think of yourself running completely alone. You will most likely run just as fast as necessary to reach the finish line. But let us assume you would have three competitors in front of you that also want to get the prize for the first place so you will surely run a lot faster. You should never be afraid of a lot of competition, but instead reckon it as a great possibility to grow further and develop your skills.
  • Take action: Something that differentiates top-achievers from normal people is that they truly become active to reach their purposes. Instead of just dreaming of the achievement of ambitious goals they really pursue their aims and aspirations to accomplish these. In order to become successful it is absolutely necessary to be an active person . Furthermore, it is not the knowledge how to set goals effectively, but instead it is the intelligent use of goal setting methods that will enable us to achieve our aims properly.

The above shows you clearly the attitudes and mindsets of top achievers. In the following I also want to specifically go into the smart goal setting process that is being applied by successful people – How to set goals like a successful person:

How to set goals like a top achiever:

  1. Specificness:
    When phrasing goals and aims, top achievers are as precise, specific and exact as they can be. They are aware that vague formulations can negatively affect their chances to accomplish their purposes and ambitions.
  2. Simplicity:
    Everyone of us has ambitious dreams that we want to achieve. And so have successful people as well. The only difference is that they split their enthusiastic aims into subgoals to maintain simplicity. Top achievers are aware that complex targets can be confusing and create a feeling of overwhelmingness. The process of splitting an aim into subgoals helps to keep the pursuing of targets focused and a lot clearer and is an easy to adapt goal setting method.
  3. Desire:
    Successful people are very enthusiastic and encouraged when pursuing their goals, because they are driven by the desire to accomplish these targets. One could even say they positively use the energy that is being created by the desire of something they really want to reach, no matter what. You will notice that top achievers have mostly or even completely goals that they totally desire to reach. Quite in the contrary can you never develop a similar enthusiasm for an aim you don´t really want to achieve, if it was dictated by another person, etc.

Pursue your goals with the ambition of a top achiever

Start to make your life fantastic! You have learned in this article that top achievers are recognizing their full potential, see new possibilities and surround themselves with competitive people to advance their self-development. Now it is up to you to adapt some of the attitudes and goal setting methods so that you also can become a top achiever and double your success.

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