Best Chillout Music & Lounge Music


In the following you can find an amazing collection of some of the best relaxing songs, separated into the categories lounge music and chillout music. Turn the music on, lean back, close your eyes and feel the sense of feel-good relaxation! Feel free to submit some of your favorite chillout songs in the comment section below! I will update this collection with your suggestions!


Top Chillout Music

Moby – Porcelain
Deadmau5 – I Remember
Kings of Convenience – I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From
Zero 7 – In the Waiting Line
Kid Cudi – Cleveland Is The Reason
Kid Cudi – Pillow Talk
Kid Cudi – Highs N Lows
Moby – Love of Strings
Paul Kalkbrenner – Sky & Sand
Lemonjelly – Spacewalk
Jack Johnson – On and On (the whole Album!)
Ferry Corsten – Holding On
The XX – Infinity
Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
Jakatta – American Dream
Massive Attack – Teardrop
Enigma – Sadness
Freemasons – Univited (After Hours Remix)
Air – Le Femme D’Argent
Talvin Singh – Traveller
Seal – Kiss From a Rose
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds
Groove Armada – At the River
St. Germain – Sure Thing


Best Lounge Music

ATB – Circular Symmetry
Sunlounger – A Balearic Dinner
Blank & Jones – Loneliness
Blank & Jones – Summer Breeze
Air – Ce Matin La
Neon Heights – Sweet Bird
Nookie – Culture Shock
Honeyroot – Sunrise Sunset
Groove Armada – Inside My Mind (Blue Skies)
Frank Sinatra – Witchcraft


Best Chillout songs

What’s the difference between Chillout and Lounge Music?

Chillout music is a type of relaxation music made for calm and lazy moments – hence “chill out” music! The music is influenced mainly by early ambient, jazz, electro-acoustic and vocal soloists, just to name a few. Chillout songs are slow and warm, emotional beats that everyone associates with sunshine, sunsets and beach bars.

Lounge Music is also played for relaxation purposes; however it is more a background music that is being played in chillout lounges and relaxation areas of clubs and bars. Lounge music is influenced mainly by jazz music and downtempo music. Lounge music is mostly associated with a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

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  1. Hi Steve,
    Great post! If you don’t know about Schiller, I think you should! He’s a musician, composer, and producer from Germany, who just released his 6th album, Breathless, in the US last month. He definitely fits into the chill out music category, but his songs range from ambient to trance to chill to dance because of his use of many diverse featured artists. Here’s his newest video for “Always You” featuring Anggun: http// Feel free to contact me if you want to hear more!

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