Astral Projection on Steroids


[Please note: I no longer practice Astral Projection. It no longer feels right to me because it heavily depleted my energy levels. I do not recommend Astral Projection. It opens up doors I do not wish to open. I no longer support the views expressed in this article. Do not practice astral projection, it is dangerous. The following is left for informational purposes.]

Table of contents:

A) When to practice astral travelling techniques?
B) Projection techniques on steroids

A) When to practice astral projection techniques?


B) Best Projection Techniques on Steroids


This article about Astral Projection on Steroids is the fourth part of my astral projection series. You can find links to the previous and following parts here:

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Part II: My extensive Astral Projection Routine
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Part IV: Astral Projection on Steroids (current article!)

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  1. Really advanced advice! I will keep these tips in mind, but I think that I need to study and learn to astral project first, before practicing what you wrote! Thanks, appreciated.

  2. Well, this was interesting. Never heard about this concept of projection as I was searching for articles about steroids and its potential dangerous effects. Entertaining nonetheless.

  3. Have to agree with the previous commenter, this is slightly too advanced stuff for me. I will try to internalize your post on the basics of astral projection and hope to make my first steps in this field.

  4. Early morning is definitely the best time for me to project. when I wake up I stay completely still and start the excercises. I’m usually out within 30 seconds which is much faster then if I try later in the day. The only problem is it’s much darker in my room in the am so I can’t see as clear. Is there away to make your vision clearer during an AP?

    • Sometimes it could be that your senses haven’t adopted yet. Problem is I am not sure how this problem can be overcome.

  5. That’s a little bit too advanced for me. I guess for now I would have to practice what you outline in your other articles about the basics of this trial projection. Thanks anyways this was really helpful.

  6. Your Astral Projection on Steroids idea rocks.
    Have had problems staying awake and aware for the crossover which has prevented me from succeeding in my astral adventures.
    Your MP3 alarm idea was my fix. Excellent tip.
    It worked the first night. Thanks for posting and sharing these great tips. Really appreciate.

  7. Great article! I’ve tried for years to prove to myself that AP is real. I can get vibrations and ‘leave’ my body, but my room, house, neighborhood aren’t truly mine. While it feels real, after awakening I realize it was just a vivid dream state. To truly leave my body would prove that I have a spirit/soul, but currently I’m not convinced. Just seems like I’m exploring around in my own mind, which is cool, but not life changing. Very frustrating!