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Join us on the road to success and in our quest to live life to the fullest! Let’s strive to go beyond our own boundaries to reach out for the unknown.

It’s our mission to assist you in realizing your full potential by providing unique, quality, proven and highly-effective advice. We strive to help individuals realize success in all aspects of life. It’s the vision of a better future that makes us get up with excitement each morning. This site is our contribution to make this world a better place.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”
Eric Thomas

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Steve Mueller

Who’s behind this website?

About Steve Mueller: Hi I’m Steve, blogger, student and one of those individuals that live their lives to the fullest, by making the best out of every moment. It has become a great passion of mine to write and publish articles here on this blog, as it helps me to deeply reflect on my life and everything I experience. But even more important: this blog makes it possible for me to empower people all around the world, from all different kinds of backgrounds, which is a true honor to me. This website allows me to accompany individuals on their journey of self-growth and to help them make the fullest out of their lives.

Personally, I neither consider myself to be an expert nor a “guru.” I’m just a regular guy with the same problems and challenges everyone else is facing in life, which is – in my opinion – one of the reasons that make this blog so special. The fact that I do not depend on a job as a personal development coach, motivational-speaker or host of a dozen workshops gives me the freedom to remain silent whenever I have nothing important to share with my readership, something not every blogger manages to do. It also allows me to pursue a career in a different area that allows me to draw on  the experiences I make in the “real-world”.

I’m having a great time helping others develop their lives and enable them to gain maximum profit with all their (undiscovered) abilities.

The Rules of this Blog

Don’t worry, these are NOT rules for my readership, instead these are the guidelines which I try to follow whenever writing articles for this website. I call them the integrity rules of this blog.

#1 Don’t create a cult, instead empower your readership
#2 Don’t force readers into given directions.
#3 Be responsible, have in mind that what you write may affect your readers
#4 Be honest, even if you may hurt a person’s ego.
#5 Don’t gossip, focus on the important. If it’s not helpful, don’t post it
#6 No commercialization. Don’t talk readers into buying things they don’t need
#7 Don’t allow external parties to influence the contents of this website
#8 Allow freedom of speech and criticism

About this Personal Development Blog

  • What is the focus of this blog?

This blog is focused on personal development in general, which includes personal growth, creating a lifestyle full of joy and happiness, living life to its fullest, thinking outside the box, learning on how to live life more conscious, besides many other very interesting topics. The articles that are published on this blog shall help you to improve various aspects of your life, character and to enhance your skills and abilities, in your personal and professional life (such as time management, stress management, etc.).

This blog is all about developing a lifestyle full of joy, success and happiness. We will support you on your way to become the person you always wanted to be and be your companion on your road to success.

I would love to assist you with easy understandable, yet effective methods you can implement into your daily lifestyle to improve yourself day after day.



Time Lapse of the Evolution of This Website


The Planet of Success website was established in 2010. The very first blog post was published in 4th of June in 2010. You can find it here. I had no idea what kind of direction this website would take back then. It was basically just meant as a personal blog where I could reflect upon my life. At that point in time, my writing skills were insufficient, to say the least. When setting this website up, I never imagined that this blog would become what it is today.

Have a look at how this website looked back in the days:


Functional, simplistic design. Standard template.


The standard template was replaced by a (at that time) modern looking and fresh template. It was both easier to navigate and provided a better user experience. The template was a free magazine template and it did the job for almost 5 years. Yet, it lacked many important features of professional templates. Nearly every requirement had to be hard coded into the template as the site began growing. It was quite difficult at times, but it helped me greatly to improve my skills in maintaining and editing a website. Here’s what it looked like:

Updated template

The design of the website became more professional and user friendly.


In 2015, the decision was met to finally replace the old template. It simply did not look professional enough and was quite outdated. The old template was no longer sufficient enough for the modern requirements. It wasn’t fully responsive, which is quite important when people spend quite a lot of time on the Internet with their phones or tablets. Switching templates was a major decision and took quite a lot of time to implement. There were many adjustments that needed to be made on the website but also in the templates. Go check it out:

Present template

Professional looking magazine theme with increased functionality.


When I switched to the new template in 2015, I greatly enjoyed many aspects of the new design. However, there was one major issue that needed to be addressed: the font size. The template came with a tiny font that could hardly be read in Google Chrome. It was readable in Firefox, but I was still dissatisfied. Have a look for yourself, this is how the original setting of the template looks like:

This is the original font of the template.

This is the original font of the template.

As you can see, it’s barely readable. And that’s not because it’s a screenshot, it’s really almost impossible to read.

Changes needed to be made, but whenever I tried making adaptions, I was never really satisfied with the end result. I simply couldn’t find a great font and never managed to make it look good on the side. However, one day I came across an excellent font and implemented it on this site. Here’s how it looks like now:

New font.

New font.

I’m pretty satisfied with the result. The font size is bigger, which increases readability. At the same time, I’ve switched fonts and I feel that the new font looks more elegant.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short ride back into the past of this website.