5 Steps to Achieve Your Goals


What are the steps you need to achieve your goals? Is it really possible to turn your dreams to reality? Most people have dreams and desires, but not many turn their dreams to reality. Most people want to become rich, healthy, and successful, but why do not many people achieve what they want in life? Why do their dreams just stay wishes and hopes? Below are some steps that will help you achieve your goals.

1. Learn to be silent

There are many people who don’t achieve what they want and desire because they haven’t learned the art of silence. What happens is that they talk too much about how they are going to achieve their goals and the steps they are going to take, yet they don’t accomplish much. If you are an individual who just talks instead of doing, then learn the art of silence and start working on your goals. After all, doing is what will get you results, not talking.

2. Take massive action

If you have great ideas that don’t get implemented then you won’t accomplish much. Many individuals have great and creative ideas, but they don’t achieve their goals because they don’t take action and don’t put these ideas into practice.

You might say that you have many great talents and a lot more potential than many people who are successful. However, you have to understand that the difference is that successful people take action to achieve their goals and desires, but you who have better skills and talents, do nothing.

3. Listen

Some people think they know everything and they don’t need to learn anything nor listen to any advice from anyone.They believe that they are true experts at everything. The truth is that everyone is a student of life. If you want success, then it is crucial that you listen to others with an open mind to gain maximum benefit from what you hear.

4. Focus

When you work on your goals, focus on one thing at a time. When you work on your task, focus on accomplishing and doing your best. Don’t get distracted in thinking about entertainment or other tasks. When you accomplish something, reward yourself.

5. Persist

Let me ask you; are you persistent to improve your health? Are you persistent to improve your relationships? Are you persistent to achieve the job you desire? Are you persistent to become successful?

Persistence is the ability to keep on going and doing whatever is necessary until you reach your goals. If you take action and you are not persistent, then you might give up the first time you face an obstacle. Persistence is needed to achieve your goals and everything you desire.

This article was written by guest blogger Dia Thabet, who is a is a personal development coach, author, and consultant. You can visit him at his website 2achieveyourgoals.com, where he writes – amongst many other interesting topics – about Goal Setting, Friendship and Happiness.

Thank you Dia for participating here at Planet of Success with your guest post!

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How do you achieve your goals?


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  1. These are all good tips for achieving goals, but I do like the listening. This one is very important.
    It really is amazing what we can learn when we listen. Like you said, “everyone is a student of life.” I believe that if you think you don’t have any more to learn you might as well be dead, because you are missing out on life.
    Thank Dia hope these tips wake up many people.

    • Debbie, you and Dia are absolutely right about listening. Unfortunately, many people consider their very own opinion as the only one that is right (or ultimatively correct). But as you already pointed out,… these people are missing out on life.

  2. Thanks for those, Dia.
    I agree with Debbie. Listening is key. I can’t think when I’m surrounded by noise. I can listen to my thoughts and dreams when there’s silence.
    Everyone seems to have an earpiece plugged in these days. What are they trying to drown out or escape from, I wonder?
    We’re all too busy trying to get our points heard but not busy listening

  3. Ashley@Improving Your Personal Growth on

    Great post! A must follow steps in improving personal growth towards achieving goal. Thanks for sharing your fabulous idea.

  4. Dia,

    I love #1. Silence is one of my best friends, in moderation of course. You’re right – all the talk in the world doesn’t get stuff done. Sure talking is necessary to share ideas and build knowledge and understanding but there will always come a time when more talk is counter-productive.


  5. Alex @ YourGoalBook on

    Number one is a frequently overlooked part of personal performance. It is always better to speak softly and act loudly than the other way around.


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