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I appreciate any kind of feedback that my customers submit, because this enables me to improve my product permanently and provide a high level of customer-friendliness. If you have already purchased my product and want to tell me your opinion and/or leave your feedback about it you can feel free to do so by using the contact information attached below! I would highly appreciate your personal review!

You can choose between a totally anonymous feedback, as well as a customer review that will be published on my homepage. By submitting your feedback you agree to the publication of your personal data such as name, email-address (I will ONLY display the name of your email, not the provider, i.e. PeterPan@***), your photo and the feedback you have left.

In particular, I would be very delighted if you could attach a photo of yourself and a short permission that allows me to publish your data (such as: "Hereby I, Peter Pan, give you the full permission to publish my personal data (P. Pan), email-address (Pan@***) as well as my photo and my review on your homepage."). This is only complusory: I am employed as (insert your job) and live in (insert where you life). Furthermore, you can include a link to your homepage or social-networking profile (like facebook, twitter, etc.) if you want me to link to your site/profile.

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