The Teacher Within You


Why is it that the various gurus out there, from self-proclaimed masters of life to spiritual teachers, never seem to miss a chance to lecture their followers about various complex and mind-boggling philosophies, except the simple concept of the teacher within? From my observations and experience, I know that most of these experts/gurus position themselves as the ones who have a lot more knowledge than their various followers. It doesn’t matter where the knowledge of the guru stems from – be it from god, angels, ascended masters, extraterrestrials, channeling, insiders or whistle blowers – in the end, it all boils down to one basic theme: the leader knows a great deal more than his followers and is the only one who has a stable connection or access to the source of this knowledge.

It seems that not every guru is interested in empowering his followers (obviously). Otherwise, none of these shining figures would conceal from their members that the true teacher resides within and will never be found on the outside of oneself. Do the “super-smart, enlightened and all-knowing masters” not even know this basic concept?

Joining another person on its path, listening to his ideas, knowledge, and wisdom is really not the problem here. The problem lies much more in the (deliberate) creation of a dependency of the student from his teacher. A manipulative “master” makes the follower dependent on his or her knowledge, fully knowing that the student will therefore never have the slightest chance to surpass the teacher. Obviously, this happens more often than not for material gains of the “teacher”, but money is not always the key factor.

Shouldn’t the student be enabled to become independent from the teacher?

The teacher within

The truth (from my point of view) is that you neither need me nor anyone else to tell you what to do. You don’t need external teachers, gurus, and masters as you can always be your own mentor. To be precise, this mentor resides deep within you. It has many names and descriptions; some say it’s the soul, your higher self, inner essence or inner light. I simply call it the inner teacher. Whatever it is called, it is an aspect within you that is more than meets the eye. More than just you, it is the infinite source of wisdom and inner knowing. Sometimes I am led to believe that this inner teacher arranges situations and circumstances in my life (that I may not always like), which provide valuable learning experiences to me.

Furthermore, it is also noteworthy that you know yourself inside out – something that an external teacher doesn’t!

Make yourself not dependent on the teachers that come with the flowery words and the most sophisticated concepts about everything that is and will be. Listen to those individuals in your life that help you to discover the teacher within you, the ones that empower you, instead of charging you a horrendous fee. I have seen “teachers” on YouTube spinning the most complex concepts around, leaving their students in awe. Yet, they could not verbalize the simple idea that none of their followers needed teaching from anybody if they would tune into their inner selves.

When you get in touch with the teacher within, you start to understand that you don’t need anybody to “show you where to go and what to do”. You might get inspirations from a teacher with an excellent lesson here or there, but you will never have to rely on them to tell you your personal truth. I consciously chose “personal truth” because there will never exist the one and only truth that qualifies to every individual on this planet.

Become the master of your life

None of the gurus and masters out there have studied you thoroughly enough to know even a slight aspect of who you are and why you became the person you are today, what you experienced in life and what you have gone through. Therefore, it goes without saying that externals can give you (superficial) advice and tips, but they can never come up with the wise solutions and answers that your creative self (the inner teacher) can bring to light.


Tap the wisdom of the teacher within

Be your own master, stand in your own power and have faith in yourself! There is no need to look up to others and adore them for the “mysterious knowledge” they seem to have, as you can always be your own master, teacher, and guru. And you can be that in a more efficient and helpful manner than anybody out there could be for you!

PS: You also do not need me. Don’t take my words for gospel, if what I write resonates with you then be inspired by it! But please, never replace anybody with the knowledgeable teacher that resides deep within you!

Have the courage to discover the teacher within!

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  1. All my life long I was looking for direction outside of myself. Thanks for making me realize that I should listen within instead. I think this was a superb article.

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