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10 Questions to Find Your Passion

When I started my blog, I had doubts about the blog. I mean, I don’t have any qualifications or experience in personal development! So why did I choose to blog about it?  Trying to convince myself, I told myself ‘It’s my passion’. When I told myself that, I still had doubts – ‘Why is that my passion? Is it really my passion?’

When I asked myself if it was really my passion, I decided to refer back to the 10 life-changing questions I asked myself previously to find out my passion. I answered those questions, confirmed that that indeed is my passion.

Now, I’m sharing with you the 10 questions I asked myself. If you know your passion already, let this post serve as a check to make sure what you’re pursuing now is indeed your passion.

What are you doing when you lose track of time?

My answer: When… 1) I am working on my blog 2) I am reading personal development articles

Seriously, what are you doing? Did you ever set a time limit for something, but overshot the time limit forgetting the time totally? If you had actually promised to meet someone at a time but forgot about it totally while doing something else, it may be actually a little bad… But look at the positive side – you’re losing track of time – this means that what you did may be your passion. Recall back…what was it that made you lose track of time?

What do you want to do wherever you are?

My answer: I’ll be working on my blog wherever I go. I bring along my phone every time I go out (unless it’s flat). My parents love shopping (and I hate it) so whenever they start shopping I take out my phone and start working on my blog (using Evernote). An example – I’m actually writing this on Evernote.

Let’s say that anything is possible now – even something that is totally out of the box! Let’s say you can swim on land like in a swimming pool – would you swim? If you can sing songs while swimming – would you sing? Use a little imagination here. Do you want to blog from wherever you are? Do you want to swim wherever you are? Do you want to do X across the globe?

When do you feel excited?

My answer: I feel excited when I’m writing a post for my blog (or a guest post for another blog). I also feel excited when someone tweeted/shared my post! (Speaking of that…maybe you’ll help me to do that later!) Sometimes you’ll feel a little more excited. Maybe you won something – did you win a TV and you’re materialistic? Or maybe it’s another reason (I hope too; being materialistic isn’t something good).

When do you feel more confident than usual?

My answer: When I write about anything. For school, for my blog, for other blogs – I feel confident. I dare to express myself. (I love writing!)

Over to you – when do you feel more confident? When do you feel that you can speak in front a crowd without stuttering, stammering, etc.? When do you speak up?

What would you do even if you don’t earn money?

My answer: I would continue to blog at GLB. If anybody wants, I’d give coaching sessions too. (Free, of course)

This question is quite classic, and there’s not much to talk about – it’s just very straightforward – so I’m just going to let off here.

What do you spend most of your time on when you use the computer?

My answer: Well, the long version: I usually plan to spend around 10 minutes reading the new personal development articles. But then? I click the related/recommended posts…and you get it. I end up overshooting the 10 minutes. Oh, and if I’m not reading, I’ll be working on my blog.

What about you? What do you spend time on? Writing? Surfing? Chatting?

What 1 thing about the world would you like to change?

My answer: I want to change the fact that many people are willing to accept ‘normality’ and not strive to live the life they want to the fact that everyone (yes, including me and you) lives the life they want. That’s my big dream for the world. What’s yours?

What do you want to accomplish before you leave this world?

My answer: Well, I have 3 main wants: 1) To live the life I want 2) To help at least one person to live the life he/she wants 3) To cherish my loved ones.

What do YOU want to accomplish? Fame? Money? Record? Life is short – so you have to figure out what you want to accomplish…and accomplish them. Many people do this in the form of a bucket list. Create your bucket list if you want – and it doesn’t need to have 101 things…

What do you spend your free time doing?

My answer: Free time is common for me, and especially so during school holidays. I usually spend this time working on my blog. Need an example? All the posts in January and February 2012 on my blog (48 in total) are written from November 2011 to December 2011.

What do you do during your free time – short or long? Your lunch period? At night? In the morning?

What do you smile at?

My answer: I smile when I see someone enjoying themselves while doing what they love. I smile when I manage to put a smile on someone’s faces. I smile when I see dogs! ;)

What do YOU smile at? The happiest person could list 101 things – but I want you to list down at least 5 things. 5 things you see that make you smile often…5 things that put the biggest smile on you.


I hope you have found these 10 questions helpful. This is one of my favorite posts I’ve ever written because questions are really a part of me – I ask myself many questions.

  • Weekly, Saturday morning: 20 questions
    I have written a post that will be published on 14 February, called Questions Galore.
  • Weekly, Sunday morning: 10 questions
    These 10 questions; to make sure I am on the right path. Sometimes I let slip my real goals for other things. This weekly session has helped me to keep track and not let me stray of…
  • Yearly, 31 December: 50 questions
    I also ask myself 50 question on a yearly basis. These questions are to make sure I’m heading the right way and to set the next year fresh. I haven’t written a post yet, and I don’t intend to in the near future, but these questions include goals and habits I want to break/cultivate. I’ve also written an eBook (as a Christmas gift) that holds these 50 year end questions that will be out on the 25th. Here’s the link to the

All of these questions go inside my Life Handbook.

This is the end of the post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and learned from it. Please leave a comment for me! Also, please visit my website (links below). Thanks for reading!


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