Your Life is Beautiful – be Grateful!

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I am fine. No, that was an understatement. Actually I am feeling phenomenal good. Every day I can decide on how to spend my time, completely free without restrictions. The water I’m drinking is extraordinary clean and even more important free of germs, bacteria and pathogens. Also, don’t have to worry where to get my food for the next day. My civil rights are being protected by a state that allows me to express my opinion (freedom of speech) without having to fear prosecution. Our children are rising up without war and famines and have the chance to get an excellent education.

Are you aware of the beauty of your live?

Have you noticed something at this point? I, you and all the other people that read these lines have a hundred times easier, safer and better life than millions of other people from third world countries will ever be able to experience.

But are we aware of these facts? Not really, instead of being grateful most of us don’t even realize how amazing our lives are. People lose the appreciation of their beautiful lives while concentrating on problems and being pessimistic about their current “terrible situation”. We consider thousands of things in our lives for granted, because it’s totally normal for us, like being able to have a shower, or to have food on our tables, day after day. Each of us takes a shower once or twice a day, but for an African that is living with his tribe in the desert such a waste of water for hygienic purposes would be absolutely fatal. Furthermore, the vast majority of us does not have to worry on whether they are going to have something to eat for the next day, as our main trouble is on what to eat the next day – something that might be a pure luxury for someone living in an area where there is limited resources of food.

Have you ever noticed the fact that slum dwellers in third world countries are often even happier as thousands of residents in our civilization, even though to the fact that they lack so many things from food to – pure luxury articles like a TV – that we consider to be ordinary? Could it be that these people appreciate their lives a lot more, due to the fact of not being able to know whether they are able to enjoy the next day? Perhaps they don’t even focus on material things or tangibles like money, instead they enjoy the time with their family and esteem social values like deep friendships by far more than we do?


Change your point of view and you will be amazed of the new outlook

Dear friend, please think a bit about your own life! Instead of constantly dealing with the negative aspects in our lives, we should make ourselves conscious that we have a great chance given and that we can take every step necessary to make our lives even more beautiful. If we risk an even closer look onto our lives we might even notice that it is already really amazing. It just depends on our mindsets and our point of view. Don’t waste your time trying to find evidences why especially your life is so hard, instead appreciate things in life you already achieved and even more important: esteem these things that are not taken for granted for residents of poorer countries.

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  1. Indeed. Most of us only appreciate life when something good happens to us, and regret being born when something bad happens to us. That’s what make life beautiful. Its ups and downs, its rise and falls, its darkness and brightness. These actually makes life spicy and full of challenges. Just like in movies. A movie is very boring if all the scenes are purely all smiles, we are also entertained with horror and mystery and enjoy them as soon as we finish watching them.

  2. I don’t have anything to appreciate in life. I want to go out there and experience new things but even though I’m 21 years old, my parents would manipulate me not to do those things. It’s like I have to live by their own rules. My dad always tells me that I am free to do anything but when the time comes, he would say stuff that will bring me down. For instance, I want to travel around the world but due to financial problems, they want me to marry a wealthy guy in an arranged marriage. My life sucks, it was better when I was a kid.

      • We are all pretty disappointed at life in some stages of our life. That’s when we only see the negative aspects of all life. Personally, I found that developing gratefulness for what you have can help to overcome the feeling of not having enough or being treated poorly.

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