My Detailed Astral Projection Procedure


[Please note: I no longer practice Astral Projection. It no longer feels right to me because it heavily depleted my energy levels. I do not recommend Astral Projection. I no longer support the views expressed in this article. Do not practice astral projection, it is dangerous. The following is left for informational purposes.]  In the following, I’d like to show you my very in-depth astral journeying routine that shall help you to successfully induce an out-of-body experience or a projection into the astral. But foremost, I’d like to recommend you to have a look at my previous article called “The Basics about Astral Projection”, which answers some of the most common questions regarding astral traveling, such as “What is the astral world?”, “Can astral projection be dangerous?”, and “Is astral traveling real or just in your head?” and many more questions. The article named in the above was written as an aid for all those who want to increase their level of knowledge about the astral world and astral projection in general. 

This article is split into three parts, namely “The quintessence for success with astral traveling”, “Correlating aspects of most astral projection techniques” and “My personal astral projection routine”. Feel free to skip the first two parts, if you are mostly interested in the effective astral traveling technique I’m applying.

I. The quintessence for success with astral traveling

The following hint could prove valuable for your astral projection endeavor and might be even more important than the actual astral projection techniques themselves, hence I’ve chosen to include it at the top of this article. If I had only known the following sooner, it would have not only helped me to save a lot of time, but also to avoid many faulty attempts when trying to experience the separation from body and mind.


Strategies for astral projection

But what exactly is it that I deem helpful for everyone who tries to have an out-of-body-experience? Well, it is some knowledge that (normally) only a person who actually experienced the procedure of the separation of body and mind can know – which aggravates any attempt of a beginner to successfully induce an astral journeyunfortunately. In fact, I believe the principal reason for my 100 percent error ratio with all astral projection techniques I implemented lay in my misinterpretation of the fundamentals of the techniques applied. 

Retrospectively seen I think the astral projection exercises I applied rather prevented me from entering the natural flow, instead of encouraging the conscious separation – simply because of my incorrect, inexperienced interpretation of the fundamentals as a beginner.

II. Correlating aspects of most astral projection techniques

The interested researcher of astral projection induction methods is confronted with an overwhelming mass of many different techniques that all are said to work smoothly if performed correctly. Nonetheless, the sole attempt to test and implement some of them might be quite exhausting and discouraging, especially when there is no mentionable progress, which is why I chose to show you in a simplified manner the basic goals, in which most (if not all) astral traveling methods correlate strongly with each other.

The first aspect of nearly all techniques (that I’m aware of) to induce an astral journey can be specified as the “relaxation” part, with the intention to relax your body first and thereafter your mind – or both simultaneously. The stage in which relaxation spreads and your body slowly starts to fall asleep is a tightrope walk, as in many cases your mind – naturally – will also start wandering away until you have fallen asleep entirely.

The second aspect of most astral projection methods can be stated as the “projection” part, in which you perform (mental) exercises that aid you in leaving your body and projecting your energy body (also known as the etheric body) into the astral realms. 

That’s basically it. The more you read about the various astral traveling methods and the more techniques you discover, the more obvious are the concordant objectives that stand behind each method, namely the “relaxation” and the “projection” part. This realization was a helpful aid for me, as it allowed me to know why and with what kind of purpose I was performing an astral projection exercise, instead of only knowing what I had to do, without being aware of the intended outcome.

It’s obvious when looking at the variety of techniques, that nearly every astral traveler induces his projection into the astral realms differently.

III. My personal astral projection routine

In commencing, I would like to show you my own routine that I have developed and improved over the time, which works for me like a charm. The reason I approach my personal routine lies in the fact that I think it might be very helpful for you to see how I proceed, step by step so that you can puzzle out your own tricks and techniques that will work for you. I no longer practice.

A) Pre-projection arrangements

I have noticed that my mind is very calm and quiet when I haven’t engaged for some time in any activity that swirls me mentally or emotionally up, for instance watching TV. Therefore, I always leave a gap of one hour at the minimum in-between “entertaining activities”, (such as watching TV, sports, the internet, partying, etc.) and any attempt to project my energy body duplicate into the astral planes. Following this basic rule allows me to declutter my mind so that interrupting and distracting thoughts can come to an end until they vanish.

B) Relaxation and projection

When I feel ready, I lie down on my back in my bed; with my arms remaining comfortable besides my body. Feel free to rid off your clothes, if that feels more natural to you. 

1) Binaural Beats

Listening to binaural beats is not necessary, but it helps me to further intensify the relaxation, which is why I’ve included them into my personal “astral traveling routine”. 

2) Progressive muscle relaxation

While I’m listening to binaural beats, I do some progressive muscle relaxation, by tensioning a given muscle group purposefully for 10 seconds, before releasing the tension with a deep unwinding exhale. You will probably notice for yourself that it feels tremendously unwinding to let go of all the built-up tension, muscle by muscle until relaxation has deepened. This procedure takes me anything in-between two and five minutes and after having tensioned and relaxed all the main muscle groups from my legs, thighs, abdominal muscles and face, I cease moving my body for the rest of the upcoming procedure.

3) Deep breathing exercises

In many cases, I follow the muscle relaxation up with some deep breathing exercises, while my focus lies at the respiratory organs, or at the complete emptiness in front of my closed eyes. When I was relatively new to this, my attention slipped away at times – which is absolutely fine and no problem. Once you are getting more experienced, you might find it easier to remain fully conscious or redirect your attention shortly after noticing that you became distracted.

4) Number after number

From this point onwards, I’m trying to further enhance and intensify the relaxation that is slowly spreading throughout my body. An excellent exercise in this phase – that also supports me in calming down my mind – is what I would call “counting upwards”. The exercise itself is pretty self-explanatory; I simply count one number up each time I exhale, while simultaneously imagining the current number to appear in front of the emptiness of my closed eyes. Sometimes, by way of variation, I imagine the current number to be written down with china brush on a piece of paper or envisage going upstairs on a never ending staircase. Basically, you can imagine whatever scenario you can think off – which is just fine for this exercise – as long as the scene repeats itself again and again, like ascending stair by stair or writing down number after number. It’s as simple as that but has proven to me as an incredible exercise that allows me to enter a deep level of mental relaxation.

I hope have now a better understanding of the main objective of most astral projection techniques. For the sake of clarity, I’d like to finish this article with a short synopsis of the astral travelling method I described in this article:

This article about my personal astral projection routine is the second part of my astral projection series. You can find links to the previous and following parts here:

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  1. You give a pretty good description of what APing feels like. A lot of what you wrote resonates with my experiences. The story spinning technique is IMHO the best for every beginner.

    This is epic. Nuff said!”!”

  2. Yes! i think this is how it would work for someone like me trying to astral project
    All these websites say oh yea clear your mind but by thinking up random stories and stuff actually helped me get partially out of my body
    Great advice 🙂

  3. Wow! Great story, Read a lot of books about it but this is really helpful. Gonna try it again! Thanks for the amazing tips X

  4. I’m going to give this a shot. I’m a natural astral that’s gone on a lot of “little walks”, but need to learn how to control my ability and do it consciously. This actually makes sense!

  5. Tried this today, and I had better results than my own little routine and Dick Sutphen’s audio for Astral Travel. I guess it was because I didn’t have to focus on this and that, oh but don’t forget the chakras, okay now you have to think of this again. It was more relaxing and when it came to the “daydreaming” part, I had a random visualization that a wall was falling to the floor. When it hit the ground, I jolted back to reality and my hand bounced up a few inches. Sadly, I was interrupted, but I went on for over an hour (which is really weird; I get bored easily) beforehand.
    Great technique for beginners.

    • Good to hear that you are making progress. It is very interesting that you write that this technique was more helpful to you because it was more relaxing. I believe this is an extremely important point, as I am also able to achieve the best results when I’m really relaxed.

  6. This started occuring with me automatically. My center of consciousness would randomly move to objects in my enviroment. I do this mostly in motion, walking biking, etc. I’ve had success with my own shadow, fences. I simply let me consciousness free, release it, so to speak. No preparation is necessary, only the desire when the ability is accessable.

  7. Hi i have been experiencing sever astral projection episodes. Usually when i would take naps i would begin to feel this heavy energy flowing through me while i was dreaming. At that point i would become aware that i am asleep. Sometimes it would scare me because i would see frightening visuals and force myself to wake up. Recently i have started visualizing a pink light surrounding me and i would suddenly feel very safe. Usually at that point i start to will myself into floating out of my body. I would gain a visual of my surroundings for a short period of time, but if i try to leave my room, my vision would fade out and i would wake up. Sometimes i can barely see and every thing is blurry and dark. It could just be a bunch of dreams, but if not, i was wondering if you experienced similar things when you first began astral projecting? Or did you just start off being able to go wherever you want for however long u want?

    • Steve Mueller on

      Hi Jack,

      For me it was exactly the same. I think it was even worse. I couldn’t move at all and had to completely relearn how to move in that empty space. Also, I found myself surrounded in total darkness and had to adopt my senses to the new sensory input.

      When it comes to moving, I believe it is quite difficult at the beginning to get into distance of the body. For me it was always when I left the close location of my body I would suddenly be dragged back. But I believe this is nothing too unusual so just keep practicing and with time and practice you’ll be able to overcome these issues or be able to find solutions to these issues.

  8. This literally guided me very well. I think all the techniques were making it hard for me. I have only been reading about this for 2 weeks, I just learned what it was 2 weeks ago in search of ” something more to look forward to”. Your advice made it possible for me to relax…Oh and the lying on your back thing..GOLDEN. I just wish my first projection was more interesting. It was a bit dream like but I was conscious I just don’t know why I never left my bedroom..maybe fear. I also don’t know why my husband was nagging me in it. Oh well.

  9. Hi I am currently very interested in astral projection. For two years I practiced this OBE but was never really successful. I had one experience where it felt like I was floating above my body looking at myself but felt a wave of fright coming over me and immediately woke up. Most of the times I only feel energy running through me very strongly. Recently I had a lot of conversations with people experiencing the same feelings. I am interested in knowing whether it could help if someone else could help from the outside? For instance if you left your body and came to my sleeping body and called me out? Obviously while I am trying to project from my own body at the same time.. Could this help me project faster in any way?

    • In general I would say that you should not project if you are not able to overcome your fears. Fear is the natural barrier that keeps those who are not ready from projecting. I believe this happens for a good reason, because it will be not such a pleasant thing to be out there while you are haunted by your fears.

      To date I believe it’s possible that someone else could help you in experiencing a protection. However, this will have to be someone with more experience than me.

  10. Hello. Your article is very helpful and sheds light on many issues. Thanks for writing. My trouble is…when those imaginations start….what to do after that? Like once, I dreams that I slipped on a puddle. In reality, I was slipping out of my body via ankles. But awareness crept in and I was pushed back inside. If, suppose, awareness HADN’T crept in, then I would have gotten out of my body partially conscious, as I have many times. Or, not conscious at all. So, it’s established that awareness is necessary. But as I experienced, awareness made the task of going out impossible. What to do?

    • I’m just troubleshooting for potential causes for this problem. But could it be that by becoming conscious of what happens you suddenly start to get all excited, or experience fear? It could be possible that the experience is canceled when you are too afraid or too excited.

      At the moment, the only thing I can do is to encourage you to keep practicing. You will see that you will sooner or later adapt, meaning that you will be able to overcome this obstacle.

  11. I have always had a Christ mind affinity when I was young probably younger than I should have been I partook in smoking Mary and I would meditate deeply I imagined a light that with each breath either inhale or exhale would gather itself in a point in intensity of frequency and let loose and sparatic I’ve never tried astral projection intact over the years I have let all meditation go my friends and family thought I was so very strange so I tried really very hard to become manly and dispassionate aggressive even just recently I have begun to come back to my roots I experienced my body while meditating at night instantly within a minute of closing my eyes very loud vibrations along and through my body I was lifting in the air my lover and child in my bed were gone my bed was high tea technicolor yellow and green maybe flowers I was scared and came back to my self stomachs down head turned to my lover when I had fallen asleep on my back face turned the same way I instantly opened my eyes it was the strangest thing I looked it up I have been trying to replicate the results but I’ve had no succes it happened so quickly so strangely was this a fluke? I’ve always been very deep no way to explain I can’t reach the vibrational state I was in I am anxious to return to that place but continue my astral journey instead of returning

    • It’s important to work on your fears first. Don’t try to force things, let them unfold naturally. It’s always best to meditate without having expectations. Simply allow things to happen and don’t be disappointed if nothing happens.

  12. Hi am a fairly new starter in Astral Projection. I have been trying for roughly a month now. Not everyday but when I feel it’s right. In the past I have had 3 sleep paralysis events which prior to knowing about AP was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I don’t have any fear of AP and am looking forward to my first successful projection. I believe I have been close twice now. Had very heavy vibrations almost like a train running over me but was unable to project. Practice is the key I keep seeing being mentioned. I will be trying your method for a while as it does make sense. Some great advice in there. Cannot wait for my first successful projection. Just to look back at myself and know I haven made it to the astral plane. Then there are no limits. Travel to the most beautiful places in the world. I also can’t recommend enough meditation. I only started doing 10 mins a day but buy so I feel different. I’m a lot more peaceful. Less angry. Feel a lot more love for the beauty of the world. And realise we are capable of anything. Unlimited Potential. Everyone start meditating. Thanks for the advice.

  13. i have been doing lot of studies and watching videos to learn it to do.but i am never is said with 3rd eye its posible but this meditation is very time consuming and similarly lucid dreams too.liisten binaurat beats at morning when my sleep is complete and try to get sleep paralysis i feel my body is jammed but when i want i still can move. isnt that sleep paralysis?i imagine rope technique but cNt keep imagination constant.i want to do but i dont knw how. ….

  14. I have been studying astral projection on and off for years , each year I get closer and closer til a week ago I tried randomly and it happened but I was so scared I just went back into my body moments later . If only I read this before because it was exactly what I did . I laid down and said I want to have a conscience astral body expirence . As longer I laid there the more relaxed my body got soon it was just my thoughts at this point I was have a sleep but aware (mentally) I tried the rope technique just to keep my awareness off my body (created a story ) and soon the rope became vivid and colorful at this point it started to happen my body vibrated immensely but I wasn’t scarred cause I knew what was happening. So I ignored it and it kept getting more intense soon my body started floating and I was so suprised at how real it was I came back .

  15. I’m new to astral projection like just started to practice a few days ago. And when i start i know i can keep my mind empty such as, no distractions or wondering off naturally. i was wondering if you need your thoughts to flow and what am i suppose to thought of also i sometimes stop counting and focus on breathing and usually have to restart . and for the physical relaxation i have this muscles disability (hypotonia) where my muscle tone is weaken so does that effect the outcome to.furthermore does my body have to be completely still like i can’t swallow the built up saliva and i usually have my eyes open when sleep too so i constantly close them during the relaxation period.And another how long does the relaxation period last because i kinda impatience and get tired mid way and i feel my arms and legs ache once i move them out of position. And being in the sleep paralysis is a indication to start the visualization. and when it comes to imagination i usually come up blank when any time i have to visualize or having trouble visualizing something something in my .head .

    • It took me 1 1/2 or two hours of completely laying still. Eyes should be closed. But I swallow every once in a while. Always remember, you really want to relax. Keep practicing and do what feels natural to you.

  16. thank you for the awesome tip! I’ll give it a whirl tonight.. I have had three experiences a long time ago. Ten years. I have tried and tried to repeat it without success. I am hopeful these tips were help me.