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The word “motivation” is derived from motive. The bigger your motives are, the more motivated you will most likely be in order to achieve these. Therefore it is really important to have the absolute desire to realize your goals and motives, no matter what.

Another important fact about motivation is that it helps us to do our tasks with determination, excitement and dynamism. Just think about the effort you are willing to do in order to achieve something that really motivates you.

In the next view lines I would like to show you some useful techniques to motivate yourself very effective:

  • Write down your top 5 goals for the next 2 years
  • Add to every goal the reason WHY exactly you would like to achieve them
  • Imagine the feeling once you have achieved your desired goal. What do you feel? Who does it feel like?

Another really helpful method is to separate one goal into smaller goals. This helps you to stay focused, while not loosing motivation, especially when you are trying to reach a very ambitious goal. You’ll notice soon that this helps you to reach your main goal step by step.


Ambitious goals can stir up your motivation

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