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Are you wondering yourself why you failed sometimes in life without knowing exactly the reasons for these failures and how to avoid failure in general? Why you have missed so many opportunities and possibilities to improve your life? Well, there are a lot of reasons for failure, but I have identified some of the most common mistakes that are causing a lack of success.

How to avoid failure:


  • Be committed and dedicated to 100 %! One specific thing I noticed when analyzing failures was that people didn´t showed their fullest engagement to their projects or aims they were targeting on. They lacked in having the necessary commitment, which resulted them in performing their work only half-assed, engendering failure and frustration. The key in completing projects extraordinary successful is to focus on these tasks with
  • all your desire
  • your fullest attention
  • commitment and dedication
  • Avoid a lack of engagement! lack of engagement is a very important factor for failure. You will always have to bear in mind that a mission that you aren´t totally committed to can always result in failure. But once you know how to avoid failure and start to reach specific goals and aims with all your desire and energy the percentage of failings and breakdowns will be dramatically reduced.
  • Focus your attention! Another very common mistake that is a main reason for failure is to have a lot of different projects and goals you are trying to pursue at one time. It’s always great to have aims in life, but the problem of having too much projects at one time is that you will not be able to give every project your fullest attention. This results in mental overload as well as neglection of quality, the basic requirements for failures and collapses. Instead of trying to reach dozens of different aims you should focus only on a view ones, but even more focused and with your fullest intention to do whatever it takes to reach these.

Avoiding stupid mistakes

  • Don´t give up too quick! I have seen a lot of people setting themselves some really great and ambitious goals for their life that were really inspiring for me. Unfortunately, I have also seen a lot of them neglecting their great aims and surrendering after a while. This happened often due to the fact that specific obstacles showed up, causing them to abandon their goals. But isn´t it the commitment to do whatever it takes to reach a specific aim, once we have set it? It is the willingness to identify and overcome every obstacle in order to achieve our goals. This is what makes us successful. It is the attitude to never give up that enables us to know how to avoid failure.

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