If you think that you are insignificant and cannot make a change in this world, you are very wrong! Let me assure you that you can make a huge difference to yourself and others in this life, but one after the other.

It’s every year the same: as soon as the winter starts to arrive there is a massive cold and flu outbreak. It begins slowly, when you notice here and there that someone is coughing and sniffling. But before you even realize that the virus is spreading, everyone around you is sick. What makes things even worse is that you cannot hide from it. You can take all precautionary measures one can think of, only to wake up one day with a sore throat. It’s that moment when you realize that the common cold has caught you, once again. And quite frankly, it is an uncomfortable feeling. One feels helplessly exposed without a chance of fighting against the virus. Some years ago, it was so bad that I felt like I was part of a vicious lottery that decided by chance how many colds I would catch throughout the winter. Nothing seemed to help; there was no escape from it. That was the moment when I decided to take a stand against it. I began to study people who never seemed to get sick. Above the surface line, they did not do anything different. Below the line, however, each and every one of them had a habit (knowingly or unknowingly) that allowed them to maintain good health. And I started digging for exactly these habits. My curiosity was rewarded and I began to uncover one gem after another. Some methods were rather unconventional. Others seemed to defy any logic, but some were hidden in plain sight. Throughout my research, I was constantly motivated by one single thought: if those people could prevent a cold with a single method, combining these various methods would be even more effective in preventing colds. Better yet, it would provide results for the common person as well, not just for those whose immune system works above average.

Why Do People Lie?

Are you asking yourself the question why people lie? Considering the amount of lies that we all are confronted with on a day-to-day basis, the question why people are not honest is certainly appropriate. Especially when considering how painful it can be to find out that a beloved one wasn’t truthful to you. However, being […]

How to Get Motivated to Run

Do you know this feeling? You get up early in the morning for your weekly running routine. But instead of jumping energetically out of bed you have to drag yourself with an incredible amount of will power out of it. Then you look out of the window; it’s cold and the wind smashes raindrops onto […]

Are we doomed, yet?

It is the uncomfortable question, the question that seems to have sneaked into our minds without anybody noticing it. It happened in the darkest hour of the night, but slowly and painfully the question has emerged on the surface mind. And then it was there. In broad daylight. Awkwardly embarrassing and a little bit frightening. […]

Getting Motivated to Take a Cold Shower

Do you want to get motivated to take a cold shower? Then read on! This article will boost your motivation. And who knows, maybe it makes you turn the shower voluntarily to the coldest level with a lot of excitement for the kick you get out of it.