The question whether reincarnation is real or not has caused great controversies and debates. It can be said without exaggeration that opinions differ greatly on this question, leading to heated discussions. On one side there are scientists who reject the question for lack of evidence. Some scientists even go so far to state that the idea of reincarnation is entirely unnecessary, because it is not possible to be measured and tested according to scientific procedure. On the other side we have mostly religiously minded people who accept the notion of reincarnation as part of their religious world view. But who is right?

In part one we discussed the power of living a balanced life. The power of a well-balanced life is truly profound. Living in balance means that you live in harmony and tune with your body, which aids in centering your being and allows you to stand in your own power. Not only that, but it also allows you to integrate both the positive and negative aspects of your being into something more powerful: balance.

The more I think about society, the more obvious it becomes to me that the majority of people are living a life that is not in balance. The imbalanced lifestyle aside, it is the (seemingly normal) polarization to the extreme that attracted my attention. It is apparent that the unaware masses simply love to turn […]

If you think that you are insignificant and cannot make a change in this world, you are very wrong! Let me assure you that you can make a huge difference to yourself and others in this life, but one after the other.

It’s every year the same: as soon as the winter starts to arrive there is a massive cold and flu outbreak. It begins slowly, when you notice here and there that someone is coughing and sniffling. But before you even realize that the virus is spreading, everyone around you is sick. What makes things even […]

Are you asking yourself the question why people lie? Considering the amount of lies that we all are confronted with on a day-to-day basis, the question why people are not honest is certainly appropriate. Especially when considering how painful it can be to find out that a beloved one wasn’t truthful to you. However, being […]