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Getting Motivated to Take a Cold Shower

Do you want to get motivated to take a cold shower? Then read on! This article will boost your motivation. And who knows, maybe it makes you turn the shower voluntarily to the coldest level with a lot of excitement for the kick you get out of it.

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Forgiveness – How to let go and forgive

There are numerous situations in life where a person hurts you so much that it seems impossible to forget, let alone to forgive, what this person has done to you.

Karma – A System of Balance

Most people associate with the Indian religious concept karma some kind of revenge-mechanism that – more or less instantly – punishes you for every bad deed. That is, if they believe in karma at all and have taken some time to ponder about it. But mostly, one only hears about karma when it’s referred to […]

The Dark Night of the Soul

The famous proverb “It’s always darkest before the dawn,” emphasizes that in the darkest hour of the night–symbolical for situations when all hope feels lost–darkness has reached its peak, from which it constantly gets brighter until light starts to illuminate the world again. Just when you feel all hope is gone, things will get better […]

Let go of the ego

The exact phrase „I need to let go of my ego” produces more than 42,000 hits on Google. It shows that there are thousands of people out there realizing that their egos are standing in the way in some way or the other – a helpful realization to begin with.

The Teacher Within You

Why is it that the various gurus out there, from self-proclaimed masters of life to spiritual teachers, never seem to miss a chance to lecture their followers about various complex and mind-boggling philosophies, except the simple concept of the teacher within?