Why is it that some people rather prefer to sit and do nothing in the hope that a third party will intervene and solve their problem? It seems that a lot of people prefer the role of passive bystanders, instead of actually doing something against an issue they encounter.

Are you tired of watching movies that leave no impression whatsoever? Tired of films that are entertaining, but have no real message? Let’s change that with the following list! If you’re looking for movies that inspire you and give you an excellent boost of motivation, then look no further. In this huge article you’ll find THE best motivational movies of all time. These motivational films will incite that spark of inspiration that makes you reach beyond your limits. Not just that, they will also give you the kick in the *** that we all need from time to time so that we get up and do something about our situation. Some of these movies will motivate you so much that you just want to get up to work hard to achieve your goals. Other films in this list will profoundly inspire you and make you dream big.

The question whether reincarnation is real or not has caused great controversies and debates. It can be said without exaggeration that opinions differ greatly on this question, leading to heated discussions. On one side there are scientists who reject the question for lack of evidence. Some scientists even go so far to state that the […]

In part one we discussed the power of living a balanced life. The power of a well-balanced life is truly profound. Living in balance means that you live in harmony and tune with your body, which aids in centering your being and allows you to stand in your own power. Not only that, but it […]

The more I think about society, the more obvious it becomes to me that the majority of people are living a life that is not in balance. The imbalanced lifestyle aside, it is the (seemingly normal) polarization to the extreme that attracted my attention. It is apparent that the unaware masses simply love to turn […]

If you think that you are insignificant and cannot make a change in this world, you are very wrong! Let me assure you that you can make a huge difference to yourself and others in this life, but one after the other.

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