Why Do People Lie?

Are you asking yourself the question why people lie? Considering the amount of lies that we all are confronted with on a day-to-day basis, the question why people are not honest is certainly appropriate. Especially when considering how painful it can be to find out that a beloved one wasn’t truthful to you. However, being the victim of dishonesty is only one side to the story. The other side that has to be considered is that most people themselves have trouble with being honest. While most of us are not outright liars that distort the truth in order to bring misery over others, many adjust the truth here and there. Sometimes we do it because we do not want to hurt others. In other cases we tweak the truth a little bit so that we can stand in a more positive light. And in very severe and pathological cases, people lie out of pure evilness or egotism in order to deceive other people. But we also lie to ourselves, for instance when we face a cognitive dissonance and try to reestablish harmony within our minds.

How to Get Motivated to Run

Do you know this feeling? You get up early in the morning for your weekly running routine. But instead of jumping energetically out of bed you have to drag yourself with an incredible amount of will power out of it. Then you look out of the window; it’s cold and the wind smashes raindrops onto the streets. So instead of running a marathon, you get back to your warm and comfortable bed. And even though you’re quite happy that you somehow managed to avoid today’s running exercise, there is still this nagging feeling. It’s the inner knowledge that you need to do something to overcome this nasty weaker self that sabotages all your running plans. This part of yourself that takes all your drive and energy, de-motivates you and leaves you stranded on the couch, instead of getting in shape.

Are we doomed, yet?

It is the uncomfortable question, the question that seems to have sneaked into our minds without anybody noticing it. It happened in the darkest hour of the night, but slowly and painfully the question has emerged on the surface mind. And then it was there. In broad daylight. Awkwardly embarrassing and a little bit frightening. […]

Getting Motivated to Take a Cold Shower

Do you want to get motivated to take a cold shower? Then read on! This article will boost your motivation. And who knows, maybe it makes you turn the shower voluntarily to the coldest level with a lot of excitement for the kick you get out of it.

Forgiveness – How to let go and forgive

There are numerous situations in life where a person hurts you so much that it seems impossible to forget, let alone to forgive, what this person has done to you.

Karma – A System of Balance

Most people associate with the Indian religious concept karma some kind of revenge-mechanism that – more or less instantly – punishes you for every bad deed. That is, if they believe in karma at all and have taken some time to ponder about it. But mostly, one only hears about karma when it’s referred to […]